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   Roy Gladden

Mars Exploration (General)

On a multi-mission level, I have been intimately involved in designing the strategies for coordinating relay opportunities between the six spacecraft that are expected to be at Mars in late '03 and early '04. This will allow the lander and rovers that will be there to transfer data to Earth through the orbiters that will be there.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

I am the lead sequence systems engineer, and am primarily responsible for ensuring that all commands that are sent to the spacecraft are properly generated. In addition, I am responsible for generating and ensuring that all command sequences that are submitted to the spacecraft are safe. During development, I am mainly focused on ensuring that the software we will be utilizing to command the spacecraft are designed properly.

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

I helped to design the architecture for the uplink system, including the identification of the ground software that will be used to generate command sequences for the rovers.

Mars Odyssey

I developed software that allowed us to automatically build command sequences for Odyssey. This software has been used during the more "quiet" portions of Odyssey's mission, namely "cruise" and "mapping" mission phases, but it truly enabled us to command the spacecraft during the highly intensive aerobraking phase. This allowed us to rapidly respond to ever-changing atmospheric densities at Mars.

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