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Photo of Anthony Ganino
   Anthony Ganino

Mars Exploration (General)

As a researcher, I am designing and integrating numerous conceptual robotic vehicles aimed at developing our capabilities to explore Mars. These projects haved included, Lightweight Survivable Rover (LSR), Sample Return Rovers 1 & 2 (SRR), Field Integrated Design and Operations Rover (FIDO), Robotic Work Crews (RWC), and the All Terrain Explorer (ATE). As a member of the FIDO team, I have supported field trials with the vehicle that were used to test and develop the algorithms and logistics associated with a Mars rover mission by simulating the mission in various Mars-like locales on Earth.

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

Designed and integrated the installation fixtures and ground support equipment for the Rover Electronic Module (REM) and the mobility system. As a member of the Assembly, Test, and Launch Operations (ATLO) team, I acted as a mechanical integration engineer, overseeing daily integration activities, troubleshooting problems, and maintaining paperwork.

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