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Photo of Jim Rice
   Jim Rice

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

I am a science team member on this mission and will be studying Panoramic Camera and Microscopic Imager data. I'm most interested in finding out what kind of landforms are in the landing sites and how they formed.

Mars Odyssey

I currently work on the THEMIS istrument. I target the camera to take pictures of Mars to look for future landing sites and study various geologic landforms. I also analyze the THEMIS data with other members of the science team.

Mars Polar Lander

I was on the imaging team for Mars Polar Lander. I assisted in choosing the landing site and then worked on the Surface Stereo Imager studying geomorphology of the landing site. I also worked on the Robotic Arm Camera which was going to be used to study martian soil and trenches on Mars.

Mars Pathfinder

I assisted with the landing site selection.

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