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Photo of Morten Madsen
   Morten Madsen

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

I work on a team that designs, builds, tests and delivers all the magnets for minerological investigation of airborne dust and grinding material liberated by ratting rocks. I also work as the Payload Downlink Lead and Payload Uplink Lead for both Microscopic Imager and the Panoramic camera. As the Downlink Lead, I check the health of the instrument and quality of the downlinked images just as they arrive. If something is missing that we were expecting, then we alert the team. As the Uplink Lead, I'm one of many who ensure that the commands that are sent to the rovers reflect the intent of the scientists when they decided on their observations. When I'm not an Uplink Lead or a Downlink Lead, I'm one of the scientists in the Science Theme groups - sometimes minerology, sometimes atmospheric science.

Mars Polar Lander

I worked on the camera team for Polar Lander. I also supplied many magnets that were created to collect dust from the air and then be imaged by the surface stereo imager camera.

Mars Pathfinder

For this mission, I was on a team of seven working on the magnetic properties science operations group. We designed, built, tested and delivered magnets for collecting airborne dust on Mars. Some of magnets were analyzed by the camera on the lander, two of them were going to be investigated by the Elemental Analyzer on Sojourner but unfortunately the mission died before that experiment was performed.

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