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   Robert Anderson

Mars Exploration (General)

My current science research is centered on unraveling the geologic history of Mars with emphasis on understanding the tectonic, structural, paleohydrologic evolution of the Tharsis region. My recent publications in the Journal of Geophysical Research have focused on identifying volcanic centers of activity on Mars with emphasis on identifying associated recent hydrothermal activity.

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

I am a Senior member of the Technical Staff at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and am currently employed as the Investigation scientist for the Rock Abrasion Tool (RAT), Soil properties, Mini-TES Payload Uplink Lead (PUL) and Science Downlink Coordinator (SDC) for Mission Operations on the Mars 03 mission.

Mars Pathfinder

I was assigned to the Mars Pathfinder Project under Dr. Golombek (Project Scientist) where my duties included Mars Pathfinder Outreach Coordinator as well as science support assigned to the Mineralogy and Geochemistry Science Operations Group (MinSog). During the landing on the 4th of July, I appeared in national and international television and radio interviews representing the Mars Pathfinder Project in addition to multiple national science and education presentations.

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