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Photo of Shonte Wright
   Shonte Wright

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

I am supporting the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter-Mars Climate Sounder thermal hardware selection, design, and implementation effort, as well as the spacecraft thermal vacuum test.

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

On the MER project, I was a Thermal Engineer responsible for tracking and verifying thermal resources and functional requirements; regarding these matters I was the technical interface with systems engineering, all thermal elements, and project management. My systems engineering role was extended to include heater design and qualification, flight hardware instrumentation, and spacecraft thermal testing.

Mars Odyssey

I supported the solar thermal vacuum test of the Mars Odyssey Spacecraft at Lockeed Martin (Denver, CO).

Mars Pathfinder

As an intern I helped a senior engineer verify the operation of a solar cell during a simulated Mars dust storm.

Mars Observer

As an intern I helped document the failure investigation.

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