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Photo of Ken Herkenhoff
   Ken Herkenhoff

Mars Exploration (General)

Former Member, Mars Science Working Group

Mars Science Laboratory

Remote sensing instrument suite proposal team member

Mars Scout

Co-Investigator on several Scout proposals, none of which were selected

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

Co-Investigator, HiRISE science team

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

Co-Investigator and Athena Microscopic Imager Payload Element Lead

Mars Global Surveyor

Participating Scientist, Soderblom's IDS team

Mars Pathfinder

Imager for Mars Pathfinder (lander camera) Investigation Scientist

Mars Observer

Participating Scientist, Soderblom's IDS team

Mariner 8-9

Recalibrated Mariner 9 image data and developed calibration software that is released with ISIS.

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