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   Bryan Allen

Mars Exploration (General)

I’ve been a "Martian" since 1995 at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

My current mission. I serve on the Flight Engineering Team in two capacities: as an ACE who commands the spacecraft, and as a software engineer on the end-to-end Data Accountability Team (eeDAT.)

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

Ground Data System support and development. Mission Data Operations Team member.

Mars Odyssey

Worked as a UNIX system administrator in support of both Mars Odyssey and its sister lander mission which was cancelled; the lander is going to be used in 2007 by the Phoenix mission.

Mars Polar Lander

Was the lead JPL UNIX system administrator for Mars Polar Lander. Lots of long days. Lots of backup tapes. Was glad that the computer systems which I administered always kept working and did not play a part in the MCO and MPL failures.

Mars Climate Orbiter

Was the lead JPL UNIX system administrator for Mars Climate Orbiter. Lots of long days. It was really disappointing to lose both Mars Climate Orbiter and Mars Polar Lander.

Mars Global Surveyor

This was my first Mars mission. A great spacecraft which got built on-time, under budget, and soldiered on and making new discoveries at Mars for ten years. I worked on the ground data system for Mars Global Surveyor and helped develop a couple of software tools which made it possible to do unattended operations of the spacecraft and to monitor the craft from remote locations over low-datarate lines. Also started doing UNIX system administration support for Mars Global Surveyor.

Mars Pathfinder

Stood on the sidelines and cheered them on.

Mars Observer

Provided software configuration management support for this mission, though I was not on the flight team.

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