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   Geoffrey Landis

Mars Exploration (General)

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I wrote a science fiction book about Mars-- it's called Mars Crossing

Mars Scout

I was a member of two teams that proposed concepts for Mars scout missions, one a mission to send a rover to the Martian north pole, and another mission to fly an airplane over Mars.

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

I'm a member of the science team of the Mars Exploration Rovers. I'm working with the atmospheric science theme group, trying to understand the dust in the atmosphere of Mars, and also working on analyzing the performance of the rover solar arrays,

Mars Pathfinder

I was a member of the rover team on the 1997 Mars Pathfinder mission. I worked on the solar energy model, which predicted how much sunlight reached the surface of Mars to power the mission,a and designed the dust accumulation experiment on the Sojourner rover, which measured how much dust fell out of the Mars atmosphere and landed on the rover

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