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   daniel limonadi

Mars Science Laboratory

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I worked on Mars Science Laboratory a little during the advanced study phase. I went over to the 2003 mission when MSL slipped from 2007 to 2009.

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

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I'm having the time of my life!

I'm responsible for end to end system engineering for rover "standup" - deploying the mobility system of the rover after landing. I am the system engineer responsible for spec'ing and testing the flight software that is associated with the mobility deployments. I acted as mechanical system engineer in charge of verifying full functionality of mechanical design associated with deploying the rover suspension system. This part of my job basically paid me to play in a sandbox for almost 3-4 months making sure the hardware worked the way it was suppposed to under adverse conditions.

I will be the lead "tactical downlink lead" during the normal surface mission. I'm responsible for summarizing the state of the rover at the end of a sol, collecting and forwarding engineering activity requests to the uplink team, making sure constraints on vehicle activities are understood, and helping to work any vehicle anomalies that come up.

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