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   Jeff Johnson

Mars Science Laboratory

Jeff is involved in preparing a proposal for mast-mounted remote sensing instruments for the MSL mission.

Mars Scout

Jeff was a member of a Scout proposal that passed the first round of selections but was ultimately not selected for the 2007 opportunity. That mission’s main focus would have been to radiometrically date volcanic rocks.

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

Jeff originally became involved with the MER mission by assisting Ken Herkenhoff (USGS, Flagstaff) with development of the Microscopic Imager. He was selected as a Participating Scientist in May, 2002 based on a successful proposal to NASA.

Mars Polar Lander

Jeff was selected as a Participating Scientist on MPL a few weeks before the scheduled landing.

Mars Global Surveyor

Jeff was selected as a Guest Observer for the Thermal Emission Spectrometer on MGS in 2001.

Mars Pathfinder

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Jeff actively participated in the MPF mission by analyzing downlinked Image for Mars Pathfinder multispectral images and assisting with uplink of desired science activities, principally in support of the Mineralogy Science Operations Group.

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