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   Terry Himes

Mars Exploration (General)

At JPL I am extremely lucky to have landed in the epicenter of flight operations. The place I work is called MMO GDS. Which stands for Mission Management Office, Ground Data Systems. We are the people to put together and maintain the infrastructure that makes the entire mission possible, from an operational standpoint. In GDS terms, infrastructure means a huge amount of software, hardware, servers, networks, communications and teams of people, that will work on the equipment and software we provide to them.

Within Flight Operations, things are happening all the time. It is an exciting place to be. There is much to learn and do all the time. And MMO GDS is multi-mission. Which means that we don't just manage one mission, we are managing many at one time. Here is a current list of current flying missions as well as the ones we are planning an building for in the very near future;

Mars Global Surveyor Mars Odyssey Stardust Genesis SIRTF Mars Exploration Rovers Mars Express/Beagle2

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 2005 Mars Scout Mission 2007 Mars Science Laboratory 2009

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