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   Bob Kanefsky

Mars Exploration (General)

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Demonstrated that the general public can contribute to science as "clickworkers", or "distributed human computing". Every crater in the Mars Digitial Image Map was marked by 50 people in a matter of months, and the average results are roughly comparable to what a scientist would produce in a much longer time.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

Working with the HiRES team for a planned clickworkers extension.

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

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Worked in the tactical uplink process. As part of the MAPGEN team, developed the Constraint Editor, certain report generators, and software to test the MAPGEN Planner.

Mars Polar Lander

Worked with the science team. Wrote a real-time image tracker that would have pieced together images into a panorama as fast as they came down.

Mars Pathfinder

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Delivered Ames-developed super-resolution image processing to the science team, to create extra-sharp images from multiple images from the lander camera.

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