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Photo of Todd Litwin
   Todd Litwin

Mars Exploration (General)

I have been at the Jet Propulsion laboratory since 1979. In 1985 I started to work in the research robotics program, mostly focusing on robotic vision. My software to calibrate cameras and compute 3D terrain maps from stereo images has been used on a number of missions.

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

I was a member of the flight software team. I wrote the software that controls the cameras and takes all the images that have come back from the two rovers. I also wrote the software that reads and writes the on-board non-volatile memory (EEPROM and flash) that is used to store all the data that is held on the spacecraft when it is powered off. Finally, I built a robotic vision system to watch our test rovers move through our Earth-based sandbox so that we can determine where they are at all times.

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