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   Karen McBride

Mars Exploration (General)

Mars missions of every variety, starting with proposals, accepted and otherwise, and leading to missions, successful or otherwise. Mars is an object of desire and passion, not a simple place to forge a career. The people on Mars are what make it worthwhile, and we havent even arrived yet!

Mars Science Laboratory

Will be fun!

Mars Scout

Phoenix is a reflight of the MPL payload, which I worked on at UCLA as Project Manager, and whose Operations Center I built. In the final analysis, Phoenix is a second chance to explore the second-best planet in the solar system!

I am pleased to have had a leadership role in getting it off the ground.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

Been there, touched that, sent it to Mars with my blessing (and the OK from the Planetary Protection Officer!). Jim Grafs baby, and wish her all the best to support Phoenix!

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

Watched, waited, and drank Champagne at both landings!

Mars Express

Applauded happily for launch, orbital insertion, and....

Mars Odyssey

Am Program Executive and ensure that this first rate team can keep providing a unique science perspective to the Program. The Odyssey Team rocks!

Mars Polar Lander

Proposed, built, worried, watched, wept, and moved on to the future.

Mars Climate Orbiter

Missed it...

Mars Global Surveyor

Was Program Executive and helped Tom Thorpe and the team until their superlative science return gave way to quiet, and then silence. Pleased to be associated with a mission that changed the face of Mars (and the face ON Mars) forever.

Mars Pathfinder

Worked with the Project Manager during final assembly, launch, and landing. Made my year!

Mars Observer

Sad, truly sad, and put me into a different career for just a little while...

Viking 1-2

Enjoyed my 13th birthday in honor (or ignorance?) of this great success. Hope to spend my 63rd birthday thinking of what I missed, and toasting Gentry Lees health!

Mariner 8-9


Mariner 6-7

Younger than the statutes allow...

Mariner 3-4

Two. I was two, living in England and enjoying Beatles music!

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