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Photo of Kurt Schwehr
   Kurt Schwehr

Mars Exploration (General)

For planetary rovers, he has contributed to 3D stereo vision, realtime path planning/obstacle avoidance, and 3D visualization. With Laurent Nguyen, he co-created the Viz system for spacecraft visualization. He has been a member of the Mars Pathfinder, Mars Polar Lander, Mars Exploration Rovers, and Phoenix Mars Lander teams. For general technology development, he has been a software engineer for TROV, Marsokhod, CMUs Nomad, and CMUs Bulwinkle.

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

Kurt was a member of the Solar System Visualization Team providing all sorts of products on demand of the MER teams.

Mars Polar Lander

Kurt wrote the integration scripts for the imaging tool chain to automatically go for 2 image pairs all the way to calibrated 3D models in Viz for the press.

Mars Pathfinder

Kurt was a member of the NASA Ames Intelligent Mechanisms Group providing 3D stereo vision based models of the terrain and the MarsMap 3D interface.

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