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   Jordan Evans

Mars Science Laboratory

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On a project as large as Mars Science Lab, where the development lasts several years, a person can have multiple jobs on the project over time. I started out as the Deputy Flight System Engineer before moving into Assembly, Test, and Launch Operations as the Deputy Manager. Once we encountered the launch delay from 2009 to 2011, I briefly left the project before returning as the Deputy Flight System Manager. After launch, the project transitioned to the operations organization and I became the EDO (Engineering Development and Operations) Manager.

Mars Scout

I was the Proposal Manager for the ARES (Aerial Regional-scale Environmental Survey of Mars) Mars Scout submission. This is a very exciting mission that will one day be a reality. The mission is to do science from an airplane on Mars that can cover more ground than a rover but at a much closer distance than an orbiter. There’s nothing quite like a rocket powered airplane flying around another planet!

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