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   Charles Baker

Mars Exploration (General)

I am a member of the Mission Engineering and Planning Group in the Systems Engineering Section at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Most of my work is focussed on developing plans for how the spacecraft and scientific payload will be operated in space to accomplish the objectives of the mission. I participate in project development through the mission design process by developing scenarios of operation for the spacecraft and payload, developing mission requirements on the project systems, performing implementation trade studies, and documenting the mission plan for accomplishing the mission objectives as the script for post-launch operations. During flight operations, I develop activity plans and extend and adapt the mission plan in response to mission events. I was part of the concept systems engineering analysis team for the Mars Science Orbiter (MSO), in which I served as a systems engineer. I worked on several Mars Scout and Mars Discovery proposals and served as concept systems engineer for them. These proposals included Mars orbiter and lander missions.

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