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   Allen Chen

Mars Exploration (General)

Conducted a number of advanced studies looking at landing capabilities for future opportunities.

Mars Science Laboratory

Worked on MSL since the pre-project phase (when there were less than a dozen team members), through development (>1000 team members) and all the way through launch and cruise operations. 10 years of work to make sure 7 minutes goes right.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

Monitored development and flight of optical navigation camera for possible inclusion on MSL.

Worked with MRO team to ensure successful support of MSL EDL atmosphere monitoring, communications, and imaging during EDL.

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

Worked on the MER EDL reconstruction team, charged with figuring out if anything about the Spirit landing could be used to help Opportunity and understanding overall EDL performance.

Mars Odyssey

Worked with Odyssey team to ensure successful support of MSL EDL atmosphere monitoring and communications.

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