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   Tomas Martin-Mur

Mars Exploration (General)

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I have supported a number of Mars missions, both as a member of the Navigation Team, as a member of the Navigation Advisory Group for the mission, or from my jobs in the Deep Space Network and the Multi-mission Ground Systems and Services office.

Mars Science Laboratory

I am the Navigation Team Chief for the Mars Science Laboratory.

Mars Scout

I was a member of the Phoenix Navigation Team, as an orbit analyst and shift lead during final approach. I also participated in the development and checkout of the Next Generation Navigation Software that was used, for the first time by an operational mission, by Phoenix.

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

I supported the Mars Exploration Rovers during their cruise while working as the Tracking and Navigation Service Development Engineer for the Deep Space Network.

Mars Odyssey

My first job as a JPL employee was as an Orbit Determination Analyst for Mars Odyssey. I supported the final approach, the aerobraking phase, and the acquisition of the science orbit, contributing to the final design of that orbit.

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