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   Albert Nakata

What advice can you offer to young scientists or engineers?

Set your goals or think of what you want to be or do in the future and continue to work to achieve those goals no matter what.

What are your personal goals for the future?

Continue to provide suggestions, samples and support to engineers who want to conduct mission operations system engineering tasks for NASA flight projects..

What are your dreams for the future of exploration?

Continue to explore other planets and to participate in the next generation of NASA Flight Projects to determine where did we come from? and Are we alone?

What portion of this mission interests you the most?

The design, development and coordination of an operational flight team to conduct the science and engineering objectives.

What's the most challenging part of your job?

Development of a flight project that involves the design, development of ground and flight software, spacecraft and training of members of the flight team within a given schedule and cost.

What is unique about your job?

I have the opportunity to be involved from the concept of a NASA Flight Project through the design, development and implementation of that mission to its end.

What’s the most extraordinary experience you've had so far on this mission?

Landing the first Viking landers and the Mars Pathfinder rover on Mars.

Do you work on any other projects at your company?

I have participated on design concepts for future Mars missions and the development of an operational mission to begin studying where did we come from? and Are we alone?

Do you have any hobbies?

Deep sea fishing, golfing, and home improvement tasks.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?

I realized that spending my days and at times the nights and weekends on various NASA flight projects are not really work but more of a hobby. People who you interact with daily are pleasing with similar goals. They conduct their task with the same energy and are very cooperative in working together as a team.

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