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Photo of Ronald Greeley
   Ronald Greeley
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona
United States Of America
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M.S. Geology, Mississippi State University, 1963
Ph.D. Geology, University of Missouri at Rolla, 1966

Background Information
Ronald Greeley is a Regents' Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences at Arizona State University and Director of the NASA Regional Planetary Image Facility. He has been involved in lunar and planetary studies since 1967. Current research is focused on understanding planetary surface processes and geological histories. The approach involves a combination of spacecraft data analysis, laboratory experiments, and geological field studies on Earth of features analogous to those observed on the planets.

After receiving his Ph.D. in Geology in 1966, Greeley worked for Standard Oil Company of California. Through military duty, he was assigned to NASA's Ames Research Center in 1967 where he worked in a civilian capacity in preparation for the Apollo missions to the Moon. Subsequently, he remained at NASA to conduct research in planetary geology. With the results from planetary missions in the early 1970s, attention shifted to Mars and research on volcanism and aeolian processes through the analysis of Mariner 6, 7, and 9 data. Results from this work were applied as a science team member on the Mars Viking Mission, 1976-80.

In 1977, Greeley joined the faculty at Arizona State University with a joint professorship in Geology and the Center for Meteorite Studies. Current projects include study of wind processes on Earth, Mars, and Venus, field studies of basaltic volcanism, and photogeological mapping of planets and satellites. Planetary mission involvement includes science team membership on the Galileo Jupiter mission, Mars Exploration Rovers, and the European Space Agency Mars Express mission. Greeley has served on various NASA and National Academy of Science panels to assess space science and planetary geology activities. He has chaired the NASA Planetary Cartography Working Group, the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Lunar and Planetary Exploration, and the NASA Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group; he currently chairs the NASA Astobiology Institute Europa Focus Group. He is author or co-author of 14 books and more than 240 papers.

Contributions to Mars Exploration

My primary interest in Mars is to understand the geological evolution of its surface. Research is focused on volcanic, wind, and impact-related processes, coupled with geological mapping of Mars, laboratory simulations of processes under martian conditions, and field studies of earth-analogs for Mars. [more contributions ...]
Personal Reflections

content image for personal reflections section White-water rafting, canoeing, and construction [more personal reflections ...]