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Photo of Larry Crumpler
   Larry Crumpler
   Research Curator, Volcanology / Space Sciences
New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
Albuquerque, New Mexico
United States Of America
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High School: Parkland, Winston-Salem,  NC
B.S. Geology, Meteorology, N. C. State University
M.S. Geology, University of New Mexico
Ph.D., Planetary Science, Geophysics, University of Arizona

Background Information
My expertise is field geology and I specialize in physical volcanology. Over the years I have mapped the geology of many volcanic terrains in the Southwest. But I have found that the Mars-like geology of New Mexico has always held the greatest attraction for me. New Mexico has one of the greatest concentrations and variety of young volcanoes of any place on Earth. Add to that the variety of arid landscape features, and being in the field in New Mexico is like being on Mars.

Contributions to Mars Exploration

Mars is a distant and difficult place to explore, so the more we know about Mars-like geologic processes here on Earth before going to Mars, the more productive we can be when we are exploring Mars. My professional efforts have been directed at applying what I have learned from terrestrial experience with volcanoes and field geology to an understanding of Martian geology. [more contributions ...]
Personal Reflections

It really is true: Follow your interests and the path will become clear. Avoid becoming fixated on a goal, since it may be that a modification, or "mid-course correction" is in order. For example, I thought for a long time that astronomy was the field to go into if you wanted to study the planets. [more personal reflections ...]