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Photo of Preben Bertelsen
   Preben Bertelsen
   Assistant Professor
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Copenhagen
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High School: Frederiksborg Gymnasium & HF, Hilleroed (Country: Denmark), 
Bachelors (physics & mathematics), University of Copenhagen
Masters (physics), Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen
Ph.D. (planetary science), Center for Planetary Science, University of Copenhagen

Background Information
I was born in 1973 in Denmark, and my education took place at the University of Copenhagen. I joined the research group of Jens Martin Knudsen/Morten Bo Madsen in October 1997 at the end of the Pathfinder mission. The topic of my Ph.D. work was the design and experimental tests of magnets for the Mars Exploration Rovers, MER, (initially designed for the Athena Payload & the 2001 Mars Lander). Since 2001, my work has included the delivery of MER flight magnets, dust accumulation experiments and backscatteing Mössbauer spectroscopy of Mars-like materials.

Contributions to Mars Exploration

content image for contributions section Design, test and delivery of flight magnets (Capture, Filter, Sweep, RAT and LEGO magnets). Backscattering Mössbauer spectroscopy investigation. Microscopic Imager PUL/PDL [more contributions ...]
Personal Reflections

Mineralogy, magnetic properties and new surprising discoveries in general. [more personal reflections ...]