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Photo of Scott Maxwell
   Scott Maxwell
   Rover Driver
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Pasadena, California
United States Of America
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High School: Seminole High School, Seminole,  FL
B.S. Computer Science, B.A. English, East Carolina University
Master of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Background Information
Inadvertently abandoned at a young age by his parents, Doc Savage and Mata Hari, who believed him killed in the mysterious fire that destroyed their South American home, Scott "Mowgli" Maxwell was raised for over a decade by the incomparably fierce wolves that rule the jungles of Brazil.

At the age of 16, a tall, bronzed Maxwell burst from the jungle to save a defenseless village maiden from the clutches of the evil Doctor Sinistro. Thus returned to human society, Maxwell set out to win the heart of the fair maiden Candace by fighting a never-ending battle against Doctor Sinistro and his evil minions.

Donning the superheroic title of The Midnight Rover, Maxwell fought for several years alongside such notable superheroes as The Green Hornet, The Phantom, Terry and the Pirates, and, above all, The Shadow -- defeating the evil Doctor Sinistro at every turn. During this time Maxwell also picked up degrees in English and Computer Science from an obscure East-coast university.

When the aging Shadow, long Maxwell's personal idol, allowed that pustulent creep Alec Baldwin to play him in a lousy movie, Maxwell was plunged into such black despair that he briefly considered switching sides and teaming up with his long-time nemesis, Doctor Sinistro. A visit to the jungles of his youth (what was left of them) soon restored his senses, however, and a reinvigorated Maxwell emerged from the jungle once more.

His commitment to the fight for justice thus renewed, Maxwell returned to the United States, pausing only briefly to marry the beautiful Candace and obtain a Master of Computer Science degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign before moving his crime-fighting headquarters to the troubled Los Angeles area.

By day he works at the world-renowned Jet Propulsion Laboratory, to all appearances a mild-mannered computer programmer. But by night, as The Midnight Rover, he roams the crime-ridden L.A. streets, bringing truth, justice, and liberty into the lives of the ordinary citizens who need him most.

Oh, and in case you can't tell, Scott hates writing about himself.

Contributions to Mars Exploration

I've spent most of my JPL career working on JPL's multi-mission ground data system, which records and processes data not only for Mars missions but for most of our other missions as well. This gave me a chance to be a small part of a lot of different projects, including several Mars projects. [more contributions ...]
Personal Reflections

Lots of other people will give you good advice about staying in school, working hard, and so on. I'll second that, but I'll also add something you might not have thought of: read good books, and learn to write well. [more personal reflections ...]