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Photo of adam steltzner
   adam steltzner
   Mechanical Systems Lead
Jet Propulaion Laboratory
Pasadena, California
United States Of America
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High School: Tamilpias High School, Mill Valley,  CA
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Davis
M.S. Applied Mechanics, California Institute of Technology
PhD Engineer Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Contributions to Mars Exploration

The high point of my career thus far has been being the Mars Exploration Rover Entry Descent and Landing (EDL) Mechanical Systems mother goose(see below). I logged enough airline miles to go around the world more that a dozen times in ensuring that the heat shield, parachute, rockets, airbags and other devices, all worked individually and together to get us safely to the surface of Mars. [more contributions ...]
Personal Reflections

I started my career as a musician. I found physics and engineering by accident. Once I became facinated with engineering, I followed my interest. That is the advice I would give. Find your interest and follow it. [more personal reflections ...]