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Photo of Karen Deutsch
   Karen Deutsch
   Software Quality Assurance
contractor at JPL
Pasadena, California
United States Of America
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High School: Van Nuys High School, Van Nuys,  CA
BA mathematics, UCLA
MA mathematics MA biology, UCLA

Background Information
After receiving a BA in math from UCLA, I began work at the Rand Corporation as a research assistant. While working at Rand I returned to UCLA and earned 2 masters degrees in mathematics and in biology. In 1987 I came to JPL and for 9 years I was a Cognizant Engineer on the Galileo Science Data Team responsible for spacecraft pointing knowledge. While flying through space, the spacecraft is spinning for stability. Like a thrown ball, the direction of travel and the orientation of the spacecraft are not the same. Pointing is the orientation of the spacecraft, i.e. which way the camera is looking even when it is not taking an image. Pointing knowledge is also used by communications and by science. I joined the software quality assurance team for the Mars Exploration Rovers flight software in 2001.

Contributions to Mars Exploration

Software Quality Assurance. I validated that requirements were tested. Facilitated at design and implementation reviews. Witnessed testing. Validated that all spacecraft commands were tested before launch and before landing. [more contributions ...]
Personal Reflections

Math and science do matter and girls can do them as well as boys. Getting to Mars is important for the human race and is as productive as planting trees and educating the young. Without challenges and goals people do not feel the awe and inspiration to expand to new horizons. [more personal reflections ...]