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Photo of Thomas Wdowiak
   Thomas Wdowiak
   Associate Professor Emeritus
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, Alabama
United States Of America
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High School: Central High School, Binghamton,  NY
Bachelor of Arts (Astronomy), University of South Florida. Tampa FL
Doctor of Philosophy (Astronomy), Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH

Background Information
I am an astrophysicist with a backgound in chemistry. In the course of my life's work I have carried out theoretical, observational, experimental, and insitu scientific research. Besides the adventure of the Mars Exploration Rover missions, I am known for my laboratory work on the nature of interstellar complex molecules and dust, the development of instruments for insitu planetary exploration, and my interests in Astrobiology. As a Professor I have taught over 10,000 undergraduate students and trained several scientists at the PhD level.

Contributions to Mars Exploration

Co-Investigator and member of the Mossbauer spectrometers operations team [more contributions ...]
Personal Reflections

Learn everything you can, pursue, persever, and constantly come up with ideas and work on them! [more personal reflections ...]