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Photo of Karen McBride
   Karen McBride
   Mars Program Executive/Program Scientist
NASA Headquarters (Azkaban)
Washington, District of Columbia
United States Of America

Background Information
I have worked on Mars projects/missions for over 20 years, starting with the Mars Observer mission in 1987, and cascading through Mars Polar Pathfinder (not flown), Pathfinder ("glue" for Tony Spear; huge success), Mars Polar Lander (great payload, smoking hole); Phoenix (got them the $$ and the go-ahead); and MGS and Odyssey (great science, low budget, low profile). Now I am working on ExoMars, helping the ESA to forge their own future on Mars with our help.

Contributions to Mars Exploration

Mars missions of every variety, starting with proposals, accepted and otherwise, and leading to missions, successful or otherwise. Mars is an object of desire and passion, not a simple place to forge a career. [more contributions ...]
Personal Reflections

Work hard, play hard, and get to know the right people (e.g., the people who interest you). [more personal reflections ...]