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Photo of Martin Greco
   Martin Greco
   EDL Activity Lead
La Crescenta, California
United States Of America
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High School: West Covina High School, West Covina,  CA
Aerospace Engineering, Cal Poly Pomona
Astronautics - In Progress, USC

Background Information
As EDL activity lead it is my responsibility to write the procedure that is used for the last 6 days of the 6 mo cruise mission, that includes the EDL activities.

Contributions to Mars Exploration

content image for contributions section EDL Lead Flight System Engineer: Design and test the EDL (Entry Descent and Landing) system (Avionics and Software) EDL Activity Lead: Operational execution of the EDL preparations and actual descent [more contributions ...]
Personal Reflections

To have a goal and mind, be it a particular mission or type of work that you are interested in doing, and to work hard to attain it. Since your own personal satisfaction of achieving your goals is invaluable. [more personal reflections ...]