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MarsWatch 1996-1997

Images of Mars from Astronomers Around the World

Linking Amateur and Professional Mars Observing Communities

for Observational Support of the Mars Pathfinder Mission

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5 May 1997



Observer: Dave Petherick

Date: April 29, 1997
Time: 03:33 UT

Location: Tottenham, Ontario CANADA
Lat: = 44 deg 1' N
Long: = 79 deg 50' W
Elev: = 700 feet ASL

Camera: CB245 (Cookbook CCD TC245 chip) - LDC (Low Dark Current Option) On
Thermoelectric Cooling: On
Mode: External Binning (378 X 242) - 245PLUS Control Software
Exposure: 0.020 seconds
Dark Subtracted: Yes
Flat Fielded: Yes

Image Processing: Maximum entropy deconvolution

Telescope: 8" f/8.2 Newtonian
Configuration: Eyepiece Projection (12.5mm Ortho) - f/55

Filter(s): Wratten Light Red (23A)

Sky/Weather Conditions: Slight breeze, atmosphere unsteady, 3 deg. C

Subject: Mars

Central Meridian: 311
Apparent Diameter: 11.6 arc-minutes

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