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MarsWatch 1996-1997

Images of Mars from Astronomers Around the World

Linking Amateur and Professional Mars Observing Communities

for Observational Support of the Mars Pathfinder Mission

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15 May 1997


Nilokeras, Tanais, Ascraeus Lacus and Mare Sirenum were the most prominent albedo features. Ascraeus dark and drop-shaped, pointed towards Nilokeras. Interesting dusky streaky features on a.m. hemisphere. Tempe, Xanthe, Phaethontis and Elysium-Cebrenia clearly light. A very faint equatorial cloud band stretched across the disk, thin and homogeneous. NPC was sharp and white.

Johan Warell
Nordic Mars Observers
Wennerbergsg. 11
S-754 21 Uppsala, Sweden

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