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Mars Pathfinder
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Sol 25-26 (30 July 1997) Images

mini_matterhorn.jpg (62K)
This image from the IMP camera shows Mini Matterhorn in the foreground. This rock was imaged by the Sojourner Rover as it makes its circumnavigation of the Sagan Memorial Station.

mini_matterhorn_and_lander.gif (171K)
On the left of this image of the lander taken by the Sojourner Rover is Mini Matterhorn. The shadows in the foreground are from the edge of the rover's solar panel and its antenna.

lander_with_imp.gif (47K)
This highly compressed image taken by the Rover shows the upper part of the lander, including the IMP camera in the center of the image, and the ASI/MET mast to the left.

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