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Mars Pathfinder
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Sol 46-47 (19 August 1997) Images




The images above comprise a stereo pair taken from the Sojourner rover's front cameras on the morning of Sol 42. Visible in the foreground is the rock nicknamed "Flat Top." Based on previous images from the Pathfinder lander camera, Flat Top appeared to have a layered texture (in the opinion of some scientists). These close-up images show that this is probably not the case. The texture visible on the side of the rock is made up of elongated pits, which may be either vesicles from volcanic outgassing or etches caused by weathering. The boundary between the edge and top of the rock exhibits topography, some of which correlates to the flute-like texture on the top surface. These depressions may have been carved by the wind, but more study of Flat Top is needed before this can be confirmed.