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Features That Make These Materials Easy to Use

It Is Easy to Find Out What Is In a Module or Activity

Finding Out What Is In a Module
To understand how the activities in a module examine a question or topic, read the overview of the science concepts in the Preface. Each activity and its key concepts are succinctly described.
Finding Out What Is In an Activity
To understand each activity in greater detail, read the "At a Glance" page at the beginning of each activity. This page lists the time requirements and materials used in an activity. The activities use readily available materials.

The Activities and Modules Are Organized To Make Them Easy To Use

The modules are written as teacher guides, making it possible to give them a conceptual and pedagogical structure while still providing teachers the flexibility to tailor the activities to the needs of their classes. The teacher's guides prepare teachers to conduct classes around core questions, and they outline investigations that explore those questions.

handbook1.gif Learning Activities
Clear, detailed activity procedures (with reproducible student sheets, when required) facilitate planning and classroom implementation.

Thorough, easy-to-understand background information enables you to understand the key concepts in an activity.
handbook2.gif Technology &Telecommunications Recommendations
Classroom computers and the Internet can give students access to
a rich set of related support materials, and the modules describe
pertinent Web sites, CD-ROM's, and videos and how to get actual
Martian data and images. However, the modules do not require
the use of any classroom technology.

Teaching Pointers
Each page has teaching pointers such as presentation tips, classroom management strategies, extensions, and answer keys to assist you in conducting hands-on, inquiry-based activities.

Assessment Suggestions
This modules outline several options for assessing students including pre-assessment questions, question sets, case studies, and suggestions for alternate ways of exhibiting student understanding.

handbook3.gif Case Studies
Each module has a particular story to tell and each activity in a module provides a part of that story. A case study gives students the opportunity to piece together that module's story by applying and integrating the key concepts introduced in module. Case studies help students synthesize their learning and can be used as an assessment tool.

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