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Athena Student Intern Program
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Athena Student Interns Program

The Athena Student Interns Program involves students from around the country in the Mars Exploration Rover mission. Thirteen teams of high school students and their teachers worked with mentors from the Athena Science Team from May 2003 through May 2004 and were part of the Science Team at JPL during landed operations on Mars!


Meet The Teams!

Durham Academy Upper School, Durham, NC
Wheaton-Warrenville High School, Wheaton, IL
University High School, Los Angeles, CA
Ramsay High School, Birmingham, AL
Sam Rayburn High School, Pasadena, TX
Heyworth High School, Heyworth, IL
West Valley High School, Cottonwood, CA
Silver Stage High School, Silver Springs, NV
Centaurus High School, Lafayette, CO
Milton Hershey School, Hershey, PA
Laguna-Acoma High School, Casablanca, NM
William Allen High School, Allentown, PA
Nardin Academy, Buffalo, NY

Photo Gallery

View team photos!

Read Student Scientists Journals

Durham, NC Team journals
Wheaton, IL Team journals
Birmingham, AL Team journals
Pasadena, TX Team journals
Heyworth Team journals
Cottonwood/Redding Team journals
Silver Springs Team journals
Lafayette Team journals
Hershey Team journals
Laguna-Acoma Team journals
Allentown Team journals
Buffalo Team journals


"Way Cool Student Scientists"
+ Silver Springs, NV
+ Lafayette, CO
+ Birmingham, AL
+ Buffalo, NY
+ Cottonwood/Redding, CA
+ Durham, NC

"Backyard Geology"
+ Birmingham, AL
+ Heyworth, IL
+ Durham, NC

Links: Top Picks

+ Athena site
+ Public SAP
+ Screensaver
Other cool stuff

NASA piloted the Athena Student Interns Program during the FIDO Field Tests in August 2002. FIDO is a prototype Mars rover that scientists and engineers use here on Earth to prepare for intense operations during the mission on Mars. The students got a chance to work with the Science Team to analyze data, create and test hypotheses, and develop commands to be sent to the rover. Learn more about the students' experiences during FIDO's time in the desert!
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