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Press Release Images: Spirit
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31-Dec-2009 NASA's Mars Rover has Uncertain Future as Sixth Anniversary Nears
17-Dec-2009 Rotations by Spirit's Right-Front Wheel, Sol 2117
15-Dec-2009 Slight Movement by Spirit's Right-Front Wheel, Sol 2113
01-Dec-2009 Little Movement in Spirit's Sol 2099 Drive
25-Nov-2009 Tracks in, Path out?
23-Nov-2009 Movement from Spirit's Third Extrication Drive
19-Nov-2009 Movement from Spirit's Second Extrication Drive
12-Nov-2009 Sandbox Testing to Prepare for Driving Spirit
04-Nov-2009 Computer Reconstruction of Spirit's Predicament
19-Oct-2009 Spirit's Robotic Stretch on Sol 2052
14-Sep-2009 Orbital View of Spirit at 'Troy'
26-Aug-2009 'Calypso' Panorama of Spirit's View from 'Troy'
21-Aug-2009 Second Test Rover Added for 'Free Spirit' Tests
13-Aug-2009 Laying the Groundwork for a Rover Test
07-Aug-2009 Review of Options for Driving Spirit
30-Jul-2009 Uphill Climb
24-Jul-2009 Sandbox Tracks from Rover Testing
21-Jul-2009 Testing Sequences of Wheel Turns
16-Jul-2009 Preparing for Rover Pivot Test
16-Jul-2009 Spirit's Look Ahead
14-Jul-2009 Dust Devils
13-Jul-2009 Position Markers in Preparation for Test
10-Jul-2009 After a Crabwalk Test
08-Jul-2009 Preparing for Next Test
06-Jul-2009 Assessing Movement of Test Rover
01-Jul-2009 Test Setup for Effort to Free Spirit
30-Jun-2009 Test Rover Rolls In
26-Jun-2009 The Mixing Begins
25-Jun-2009 Mars Team Digs in To Free Spirit
25-Jun-2009 Variations in Soft Soil of 'Troy' (False Color)
03-Jun-2009 Spirit Photographs Her Underbelly, Sol 1925
11-May-2009 Spirit's Wheels Digging into Soft Ground, Sol 1899
01-May-2009 Spirit Slipping in Soft Ground, Sol 1889
23-Apr-2009 'Von Braun' Mound in Spirit's Drive Direction
20-Apr-2009 After a Spirit Drive West of 'Home Plate'
03-Apr-2009 View Ahead After Spirit's Sol 1861 Drive
30-Mar-2009 Bright Soil Churned by Spirit's Sol 1861 Drive
26-Mar-2009 Dust Devil in Spirit's View Ahead on Sol 1854
05-Mar-2009 Spirit Begins Drive Around Home Plate
13-Feb-2009 Spirit Beside 'Home Plate,' Sol 1809
12-Feb-2009 Very Dusty Solar Panel on Spirit, Sol 1811
02-Feb-2009 Spirit Near "Stapledon" on Sol 1802

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