Spirit Update Archive: 2008

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sol 1763-1775 30-December-2008 Spirit Alters Course, Begins Driving Downhill
sol 1737-1762 17-December-2008 Conjunction's Over, Let's Start Driving!
sol 1730-1736 20-November-2008 Serious but Stable
sol 1723-1729 13-November-2008 On a Dusty Planet, Spirit Perseveres
sol 1716-1722 06-November-2008 Still Trying to Drive Uphill
sol 1709-1715 29-October-2008 Spirit Begins Driving Uphill
sol 1702-1708 22-October-2008 Mars Rover Gets Ready to Move
sol 1695-1701 15-October-2008 Getting Ready to Make the Next Move
sol 1690-1694 08-October-2008 Spirit's Memory Is Getting Full
sol 1685-1689 03-October-2008 Spirit and Earth Stick Together
sol 1678-1684 27-September-2008 Spirit Upgrades Calling Plan
sol 1669-1677 20-September-2008 Warming Up on Mars
sol 1663-1668 11-September-2008 Light Duty for Now
sol 1657-1662 05-September-2008 Spirit Continues Work on Winter Panorama
sol 1651-1656 30-August-2008 Spirit Still Biding Time -- and Checking the Clock
sol 1643-1650 24-August-2008 Spirit Still Biding Time
sol 1635-1642 15-August-2008 Spirit Standing By
sol 1628-1634 07-August-2008 Waiting Out the Winter
sol 1621-1627 31-July-2008 With Batteries Charged, Spirit is Ready for More Science
sol 1615-1620 24-July-2008 Time to Recharge the Batteries
sol 1608-1614 18-July-2008 A Juggling Act
sol 1601-1607 10-July-2008 Solar Energy Evens Out
sol 1594-1600 03-July-2008 Biding Time
sol 1587-1594 27-June-2008 Here Comes the Sun
sol 1580-1586 19-June-2008 Battery Power on the Rise
sol 1574-1579 12-June-2008 New Tricks for an Old Rover
sol 1567-1573 05-June-2008 Not Quite Hibernation
sol 1559-1566 29-May-2008 Energy Levels Reach Record Low
sol 1552-1558 21-May-2008 Some Data Fly First Class, Others Fly Coach and Standby
sol 1546-1551 14-May-2008 Rover Hindered by Moon over Madrid
sol 1532-1538 30-Apr-2008 "Catch-22":  Staying Awake vs. Going to Sleep
sol 1525-1531 23-Apr-2008 Rover "Spirit" High Despite Low Power Levels
sol 1517-1524 16-Apr-2008 Spirit Still "Sitting Pretty" for This Time of Year
sol 1511-1516 08-Apr-2008 Clear Skies at "Home Plate"
sol 1504-1510 02-Apr-2008 Spirit Advances Toward Midwinter
sol 1498-1503 26-Mar-2008 Spirit Sees Clearest Skies Since Landing on Mars!
sol 1491-1497 19-Mar-2008 Spirit Phones Home to Set Clock
sol 1484-1490 12-Mar-2008 Spirit Begins Preparing for "Hibernation" Mode
sol 1478-1483 05-Mar-2008 Work Continues on 360-Degree View of Spirit's Winter Perch
sol 1471-1477 28-Feb-2008 Sturdy Rover Gets No Penalty for Tilting
sol 1464-1470 21-Feb-2008 Tenacious Rover Just Might Make It
sol 1457-1463 13-Feb-2008 Spirit Inches Downward
sol 1450-1456 06-Feb-2008 Dust on Spirit's Solar Panels Increases as Dust in the Atmosphere Decreases
sol 1445-1449 30-Jan-2008 Spirit Takes Steps to Conserve Energy During Martian Winter
sol 1437-1444 25-Jan-2008 Atmospheric Dust Levels Decline Slightly for Spirit
sol 1430-1436 17-Jan-2008 Spirit Continues to Increase Northerly Tilt
sol 1423-1429 09-Jan-2008 Spirit Tilts Toward the Sinking Sun
sol 1416-1422 02-Jan-2008 After Four Years on Mars, Spirit Faces Toughest Test Yet