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12-Dec-2005 Opportunity Celebrates One Mars Year!
Read the article Opportunity Celebrates One Mars Year!
As Opportunity opened her robotic eyes for the first time, it was clear Meridiani Planum was unlike any place NASA ever visited before. Unlike its older sibling, Spirit, Opportunity didn't have to wait for evidence of water's influence on the alien landscape.
9-Dec-2005 Bump Into Mars Tonight
Read the article 'Bump Into Mars Tonight'
Look for Mars in the night sky on December 12, 2005, and wish Opportunity a Happy One Martian Year Anniversary!
21-Nov-2005 Spirit Marks One Year on Mars (One Martian Year, that is)
Read the article 'Spirit Marks One Year on Mars (One Martian Year, that is)'
Since Spirit's landing on January 3, 2004, Mars has completed one orbit around the Sun. That's one martian year - about twice as long as a year on Earth. With this anniversary in mind, it's time to celebrate the rover's acommplishments. Read More...
9-Nov-2005 Meet the First Woman to Drive on Mars!
Read the article 'Meet the First Woman to Drive on Mars!'
From working with prototype rovers in an Earth-bound sandbox, to driving on the actual red sands of Mars, Dr. Ashley Stroupe gets the best of both planets. Read More...
24-Oct-2005 Ice Beneath Mars Is Asking, "Can You Hear Me Now?"
Read the article Ice Beneath Mars Is Asking, 'Can You Hear Me Now?'
What could have been dismissed as "just static" in a radio signal is actually an echo from Mars

20-Oct-2005 Earthlings Will Get a Better View of Mars
Read the article 'Earthlings Will Get a Better View of Mars'
In fall of 2005, Mars will outshine most of the stars in the night sky. Read More...
19-Oct-2005 NASA Expands Rover Science Team
Read the article 'NASA Expands Rover Science Team'
"Spirit and Opportunity have exceeded all expectations for their longevity and discoveries on Mars, and both rovers are in good position to continue providing even more great science,"
4-Oct-2005 Journals of the Rovers' Journeys
Read the article 'Journals of the Rovers' Journeys'
As the rovers keep journeying across the surface of Mars, scientists are busy churning out journal articles that herald the new discoveries revealed by their robot geologist partners.
17-Aug-2005 A Broader Vision of Discovery
Read the article 'A Broader Vision of Discovery'
Blind students explore Mars with computer skills and adventurers' hearts.
13-Jul-2005 Cosmic Climbing and Timing
Read the article 'Cosmic Climbing and Timing'
As the shuttle returns to flight, the human spirit is inspired and the rover Spirit climbs the martian hills named in honor of the Columbia astronauts.
28-Apr-2005 Spirit's Steep Climb to the Top
Read the article 'Spirit's Steep Climb to the Top'
Spirit backs off from its first attempt to reach the top of the "Columbia Hills." Scientists plan to try another route.
27-Apr-2005 Opportunity Discovers Tiny Craters on Mars
Read the article 'Opportunity Discovers Tiny Craters on Mars'
The largest of the two is less than a foot wide.
25-Mar-2005 Dust Devils on Mars
Read the article 'Dust Devils on Mars'
Spirit spies a swarm of dust devils wheeling across the plains of Gusev Crater.
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