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26-Dec-2007 Crossing the Winter Finish Line ... for Now
Read more about 'Crossing the Winter Finish Line ... for Now'
Human explorers would be hard pressed to show more persistence than NASA's Mars rover Spirit. After weeks of careful driving with a broken front wheel, Spirit finally made it to a north-facing slope of "Home Plate."

20-Dec-2007 Alignment on December 24, 2007
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This is a special day that happens only every 26 months when Earth is exactly between the Sun and Mars. Find out more about opposition and experiment with Mars and Earth in their orbits.

29-Nov-2007 Spirit's Race Against Winter
Read the article 'Spirit's Race Against Winter'
Spirit's Race Against Winter While struggling to reach a winter outpost necessary for survival on Mars, Spirit has been slowed by sand in the bottom of a shallow, bowl-like depression.

13-Nov-2007 "Wishing You Were Here" from Mars
Read the article 'Wishing You Were Here' from Mars
If you were a scientist studying Mars and sharing your progress with family and friends, perhaps you would send back digital postcards showing them where you've been. Earthlings have now received a record 200,000 such postcards from NASA's two Mars rovers!

05-Nov-2007 Untouched and Untouchable, For Now
Read the article 'Untouched and Untouchable, For Now'
Tantalizing vistas to the south beyond the edge of "Home Plate," shown here in 3D, will have to wait for another spring, if NASA's Mars rover Spirit survives until then.

05-Sep-2007 Dust Busting on Mars
Read the article 'Dust Busting on Mars'
Mars doesn't have a power grid for running a vacuum cleaner, but the red planet has a way of sweeping things clean.

24-Aug-2007 Spirit Surpasses 70s Superstar
Read the article 'Spirit Surpasses 70s Superstar'
Legends never fall, but their records beckon to be broken. NASA's rover Spirit recently overtook the classic Viking 2 Lander's spot as the second-longest-lasting spacecraft on the surface of Mars

28-Jun-2007 Water-Rich Environment
Read the article 'Water-Rich Environment'
A shallow trench made by Spirit's dragging right front wheel uncovered some of the best evidence Spirit has found for ancient water-rich environments in Gusev Crater

12-Jun-2007 Extreme Planet Takes Its Toll
Read the article 'Extreme Planet Takes Its Toll'
Like Sun Belt retirees who complain about cold weather, NASA's Mars rovers are becoming less tolerant of temperature changes with age.

25-May-2007 Opportunity Studies Wind Streaks
Read the article 'Opportunity Studies Wind Streaks'
Based on studies conducted by NASA's Opportunity rover, scientists think that alternating light and dark streaks north of the rim of "Victoria Crater" may have been deposited by winds channeled by alcoves.

04-May-2007 Spirit Examines Nodule-Rich Rock
Read the article 'Spirit Examines Nodule-Rich Rock'
On sol 1177, Spirit used the rock abrasion tool to brush away dust covering the surface of a small, nodule-rich outcrop nicknamed "Slide" at the edge of the circular plateau known as "Home Plate."

11-Apr-2007 RAT Modifying Its Bite
Read the article 'RAT Modifying Its Bite'
What once would have taken one sol (or day) is now going to take Opportunity two sols. With age often comes a slower pace and, although JPL engineers have brilliantly figured out a solution to a potentially mission-cramping problem, their "senior" rover must move cautiously to preserve herself.

04-Apr-2007 Through a Telescope Darkly
Read the article 'Through a Telescope Darkly'
Mars scientist Diana Blaney studies the Red Planet from Hawaii.

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