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July 18-23, 1999 - Pasadena, California

Abstracts courtesy of the
Lunar and Planetary Institute


The abstracts are listed here in alphabetical order by first author. To view a particular abstract, click on the title you’re interested in.

Examining Mars with SPICE
C. H. Acton, N. J. Bachman, J. A. Bytof, B. V. Semenov, W. Taber,
F. S. Turner, and E. D. Wright. 6042

Implications of MOLA Global Roughness, Statistics, and Topography
O. Aharonson, M. T. Zuber, and G. A. Neumann... 6143

Biological Sterilization of Returned Mars Samples
C. C. Allen, F. G. Albert, J. Combie, R. J. Bodnar, V. E. Hamilton,
B. L. Jolliff, K. Kuebler, A. Wang, D. J. Lindstrom, P. A. Morris,
R. V. Morris, R. W. Murray, L. E. Nyquist, P. D. Simpson, A. Steele,
and S. J. Symes 6161

Mapping the Martian Meteorology
M. Allison, J. D. Ross, and N. Solomon ... 6102

Implications of Flexural Flanks at the Valles Marineris, Mars
F. S. Anderson, W. B. Banerdt, and M. P. Golombek ... 6232

Microscopy of Analogs for Martian Dust and Soil
M. A. Anderson, W. T. Pike, and C. M. Weitz ... 6210

The Martian Archives — Now and Future
R. E. Arvidson... 6012

FIDO/APEX/Athena-based Plans for Cartographic Products and Rover
Localization Analyses

R. Arvidson and S. Squyres ... 6103

Martian Volcanic Compositions and Distributions: Results from the Thermal
Emission Spectrometer

J. L. Bandfield, P. R. Christensen, and V. E. Hamilton ... 6036

Thermal Tides and Stationary Waves Revealed by MGS TES
D. Banfield, B. J. Conrath, J. C. Pearl, M. D. Smith, P. J. Gierasch, and
P. R. Christensen... 6169

Ground-based Observations of the Spatial and Seasonal Distribution of Martian
Water Vapor: The 1999 Pre-Opposition Period

E. S. Barker 6171

Subsurface Volatile Reservoirs: Clues from Martian Impact Crater Morphologies
N. G. Barlow ... 6082

Initiation and Spread of Martian Dust Storms
J. R. Barnes 6011

Variability on Intermediate Time Scales in the Mars Pathfinder MET Data
J. R. Barnes and S. Bennett ... 6080

GCM and SGCM Studies of Transient Baroclinic Eddies and Topography in the
Martian Atmosphere

J. R. Barnes and M. Matheson ... 6070

Landscape and Surface Material Characteristics for the Mars Polar Lander
Landing Site: Analysis and Predictions

A. T. Basilevsky, H. U. Keller, W. J. Markiewicz, and N. Thomas ... 6060

Evidence for the Possible Accumulation of Ice at the North Pole of Mars
D. S. Bass and D. A. Paige... 6095

Nature and Origin of Martian Surface Materials
J. F. Bell III ... 6017

Study of the Martian Atmospheric Composition by SPICAM Light Onboard the
Mars Express Mission

J. L. Bertaux, D. Fonteyn, O. Korablev, O. Talagrand, N. Dubouloz,
B. Sandel, A. Stern, and the SPICAM Light Team (E. Dimarellis, E. Neefs,
M. Cabane, G. Cernogora, A. Hauchecorne, A. C. Levasseur-Regourd,
E. Quémerais, P. Rannou, C. Hermans, G. Kockarts, C. Lippens,
M. De Maziére, D. Moreau, C. Muller, P. Simon, J. Vercheval,
E. Chassefiere, F. Forget, F. Hourdin, V. I. Moroz, and A. Rodin) ... 6092

Geophysical and Geochemical Constraints on the Composition and Structure of
the Martian Interior

C. M. Bertka and Y. Fei... 6225

Climate-Rotation Feedback on Mars
B. G. Bills ... 6208

A Model for Generation of Martian Surface Dust, Soil and Rock Coatings:
Physical vs. Chemical Interactions, and Palagonitic Plus Hydrothermal Alteration

J. L. Bishop, S. Murchie, C. Pieters, and A. Zent... 6220

Comparative Geomorphology of Seasonally Active Crescentic Dunes: Nili
Patera, Mars and Strzelecki Desert, Earth

M. A. Bishop.... 6059

Where is the Geochemical Evidence for a Warm Wet Mars?
D. L. Blaney ... 6113

Terrestrial Cave Microbiota: Models of Martian Subsurface Biology
P. J. Boston, D. E. Northup, M. N. Spilde, and L. D. Hose... 6155

Structure of the Mars Upper Atmosphere: MGS Aerobraking Data and
Model Interpretation

S. W. Bougher and G. M. Keating. ... 6010

Simulations of the Surface Pressure Tides on Mars Incorporating New MOLA
Topography Data

A. F. C. Bridger, R. M. Haberle, and J. Schaeffer ... 6202

Stationary Wave Activity Simulated by the NASA Ames MGCM Incorporating
New MOLA Topography Data

A. F. C. Bridger, J. L. Hollingsworth, R. M. Haberle, and J. Schaeffer... 6146

Ventifacts on Mars
N. T. Bridges ... 6152

Aminostratigraphy of Organisms in Antarctic and Siberian Permafrost Cores
K. L. F. Brinton, A. I. Tsapin, G. D. McDonald, and D. Gilichinsky... 6137

MECA Electrometer: Initial Experimental Results
M. Buehler, L.-J. Cheng, O. Orient, R. Gompf, J. Bayliss, J. Rauwerdink,
and J. Marshall .... 6189

Triaxial Ellipsoid as a Reference-Surface on Mars Mapping
L. M. Bugaevsky and K. B. Shingareva... 6219

Results of the First Astronaut-Rover (ASRO) Field Experiment: Lessons and
Directions for the Human Exploration of Mars

N. A. Cabrol, J. J. Kosmo, R. C. Trevino, H. Thomas, D. Eppler,
M. G. Bualat, K. Baker, E. Huber, M. Sierhuis, E. A. Grin, C. R. Stoker,
J. A. Schreiner, M. H. Sims, V. C. Gulick, and C. S. Cockell ... 6055

Clues from the SWIR: Mineralogical Constraints from 1 to 4 µm
W. M. Calvin, J. L. Bishop, and S. Erard ... 6125

Local Dust Storms in the Martian Northern Hemisphere: 1998 MGS/MOC

B. A. Cantor, P. B. James, M. J. Wolff, M. C. Malin, E. Jensen, and
K. S. Edgett. ... 6140


Global History of Water and Climate
M. H. Carr... 6030

Ultraviolet Radiation on the Surface of Mars
D. C. Catling, C. S. Cockell, and C. P. McKay. ... 6128

A Generic Package for Long Term Monitoring of the Martian Thermosphere on
the Telecom Orbiters of the Mars Micromission Program

E. Chassefiere, F. Forget, F. Hourdin, F. Vial, F. Jegou, J. J. Berthelier,
L. Duvet, P. Touboul, S. Bougher, and G. Keating ... 6045

The Dynamo Micro-Orbiter Project: Investigation of Mars Gravity/Magnetic
Fields and Atmospheric Interactions

E. Chassefiere, F. Forget, S. Smrekar, H. Reme, C. Mazelle, M. Acuna,
J. Connerney, M. Purucker, R. Lin, J. Luhmann, M. Parrot,
J. J. Berthelier, M. Menvielle, P. Touboul, E. Quemerais, J. L. Bertaux,
J. Clarke, A. Nagy, J. P. Barriot, M. Blanc, H. Waite, M. Moncuquet,
J. L. Bougeret, G. Hulot, O. Grasset, C. Sotin, S. Bougher, B. Jakosky,
D. Breuer, and M. Parmentier ... 6041

Simulation of Thermal Tides in the Middle Atmosphere of Mars
E. Chassefiere, F. Vial, F. Jegou, F. Forget, F. Hourdin,
and E. Lellouch .... 6112

Mars Express: Overview and Scientific Investigations
A. F. Chicarro ... 6111

Orbital and Interannual Variability of the Global Mars Atmosphere
R. T. Clancy ... 6023

The Myths and Magic of Mars: Science and Non-Science in the Golden Age of

B. C. Clark.... 6132

On the Non-Observability of Carbonates on Mars
B. C. Clark... 6214

Superbug — Make a Living on Current-Day Mars
B. C. Clark... 6223

The Evolution of the Martian Hydrosphere and Its Implications for the Fate of a
Primordial Ocean

S. M. Clifford and T. J. Parker. ... 6236

The Radiative Effects of Water Ice Clouds on the Martian Temperature Profile
A. Colaprete and O. B. Toon.... 6053


Need for SAM on Mars!!! a.k.a. In Situ Inorganic and Organic Analysis of the
Martian Soil, on Mars Sample Return Mission

P. Coll, M. Cabane, G. Israël, P. Rannou, F. Raulin, R. Sternberg,
A. Jambon, H. Niemann, and P. Mahaffy 6044

Observations of the Thermal Structure and Dynamics of the Martian Atmosphere
B. J. Conrath, J. C. Pearl, M. D. Smith, D. Banfield,
and P. R. Christensen ... 6015

The UCL IUS-Tithonium Chasma Digital Elevation Model
A. C. Cook, T. Day, and J.-P. Muller ... 6170

Spectroscopic Detectibility of Sulfates in Dust and Duricrust on Mars
C. D. Cooper and J. F. Mustard.... 6164

New Evidences for Ice Rich Sediments on the Northern Plains from MGS Data
F. Costard and J. Kargel ... 6088

The Meteorological Experiment on the Mars Surveyor ’98 Polar Lander
D. Crisp and the MVACS Met Team ... 6116

Volcanism on Mars: Volcanological and Global Significance of Its Calderas
L. S. Crumpler ... 6198

Status of the RAND-USGS Control Network of Mars
M. Davies, T. Colvin, R. Kirk, E. Lee, and R. Sucharski... 6049

Ponds, Lakes, and Oceans: An Overview of Standing Bodies of Water on Mars
R. A. De Hon ... 6078

Evolution of Mars Atmosphere in Post-Noachian Epochs
H. J. Durand-Manterola and H. Pérez-de-Tejada ... 6013

MOLA: The Future of Mars Global Cartography
T. C. Duxbury, D. E. Smith, M. T. Zuber, H. V. Frey, J. B. Garvin,
J. W. Head, D. O. Muhleman, G. H. Pettengill, R. J. Phillips,
S. C. Solomon, H. J. Zwally, and W. B. Banerdt .... 6040

Some Aspects of the Calibration of the Mars Pathfinder Alpha Proton X-Ray

T. E. Economou, C. N. Foley, W. Dietrich, and C. Hernas... 6167

Environmental and Mineralogical Controls on Fossilization: Key Elements in a
Strategy for Mars Exopaleontology

J. D. Farmer .... 6224


Subpixel Detection and Mapping of Spectrally Unique Materials on Mars Using
ISM Data

W. H. Farrand ... 6101

The Geometry of Chasma Boreale, Mars Using Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter
(MOLA) Data: A Test of the Catastrophic Outflow Hypothesis of Formation

K. E. Fishbaugh and J. W. Head III ... 6187

Simulations of the Martian Seasonal Dust Cycle with a General Circulation

F. Forget, F. Hourdin, C. Hourdin, and O. Talagrand ... 6206

Young Impact Craters as Potential Sites for the Exploration of the Martian

E. J. Gaidos ... 6185

Global Geometric Properties of Martian Impact Craters: A Preliminary
Assessment Using Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA)

J. B. Garvin, S. E. H. Sakimoto, C. Schnetzler, and J. J. Frawley... 6163

Simulations and Calibrations of the Mars Surveyor 2001 Gamma-Ray
Spectrometer Performances

O. Gasnault, C. d’Uston, H. Barthe, and J. F. Veyan. ... 6079

Evidence for Ancient Martian Life
E. K. Gibson Jr., F. Westall, D. S. McKay, K. Thomas-Keprta,
S. Wentworth, and C. S. Romanek. ... 6142

Craters as an Indicator of Martian Regolith Thickness
M. S. Gilmore ... 6228

Magnetometer Data Tests Models for the Origin of the Martian Crustal
Dichotomy; Dichotomy Models Constrain Timing of Martian Magnetic Field

M. S. Gilmore ... 6227

Recent Advances in Mars Tectonics
M. P. Golombek and W. B. Banerdt ... 6020

Climate Change on Mars Inferred from Erosion Rates at the Mars Pathfinder
Landing Site

M. P. Golombek and N. T. Bridges .... 6057


Constraints, Approach, and Status of Mars Surveyor ’01 Landing Site Selection
M. Golombek, N. Bridges, G. Briggs, M. Gilmore, A. Haldemann,
T. Parker, R. Saunders, D. Spencer, J. Smith, L. Soderblom, and
C. Weitz ... 6068

The Mars Environmental Compatibility Assessment (MECA) Wet Chemistry
Experiment on the Mars 2001 Lander

S. M. Grannan, T. P. Meloy, H. Hecht, M. S. Anderson, M. Buehler,
M. Frant, S. P. Kounaves, K. S. Manatt, W. T. Pike, W. Schubert,
S. West, and X. Wen... 6160

Mars Pathfinder Landing Site: Evidence for a Change in Wind Regime and
Climate from Lander and Orbiter Data

R. Greeley, M. D. Kraft, R. O. Kuzmin, and N. T. Bridges ... 6153

Modeling the Atmospheric Structure and Dynamics of the Martian Atmosphere
R. M. Haberle ... 6018

Particle Size Effects in Particulate Rock Samples: Implications for Thermal
Emission Spectrometer (TES) Data Analysis in High Albedo Regions on Mars

V. E. Hamilton. 6159

Thermal Emission Spectroscopy of Synthetic Igneous Glasses
V. E. Hamilton and M. B. Wyatt.... 6201

Composition, Microphysical State, and Energy Balance of the Mars Seasonal
Polar Caps from MGS

G. B. Hansen ... 6090

PIGWAD — Planetary Interactive GIS on the Web Analyzable Database
T. M. Hare and K. L. Tanaka ... 6139

Atmospheric Science Experiment for Mars — ATMIS for the Netlander 2005

A.-M. Harri, T. Siili, A. Angrilli, S. Calcutt, D. Crisp, S. Larsen, J. Polkko,
J.-P. Pommereau, C. Malique, and J. E. Tillman ... 6074

Extension Across Tempe Terra, Mars from MOLA Topographic Measurements
B. W. Harrington, R. J. Phillips, and M. P. Golombek .... 6130

An Analysis of Evidence from MOLA for Northern Seas and Oceans in the Past
History of Mars

J. W. Head, M. Kreslavsky, H. Hiesinger, B. Thomson, and S. Pratt ... 6184


The MSP ’01 Mars Environmental Compatibility Assessment (MECA)
M. H. Hecht, T. P. Meloy, M. S. Anderson, M. G. Buehler, M. A. Frant,
S. M. Grannan, S. D. Fuerstenau, H. U. Keller, W. J. Markiewicz,
J. Marshall, W. T. Pike, W. W. Schubert, P. Smith, U. Stauffer, S. West,
and J. Rademacher.... 6134

Tharsis Montes Subglacial Volcanism: Proposal for a New Classification of
Tharsis Volcanoes Based on Volcano-Ice Interactions and an Estimate of the
Tharsis Ice Budget

J. Helgason. 6038

Surface Ages and Resurfacing Rates of the Polar Layered Deposits on Mars
K. E. Herkenhoff and J. J. Plaut.... 6065

Polygons in Southern Utopia Planitia: Initial Results from the Mars Orbiter Laser
Altimeter (MOLA)

H. Hiesinger and J. W. Head III ... 6126

Carbonatite Volcanism on Mars
N. Hoffman ... 6083

The Collapse Origin of Density Flows on Mars
N. Hoffman ... 6005

Earth, Venus, and Mars: A Trinity Reunited
N. Hoffman ... 6009

Fluid-supported Density Flows on Earth and Mars 1: Turbidite Analogs
N. Hoffman ... 6006

Fluid-supported Density Flows on Earth and Mars 2: Pyroclastic Analogs
N. Hoffman ... 6007

Ice and Layering on Early and Modern Mars
N. Hoffman ... 6004

Pressure and Temperature Evolution of Mars’ Surface
N. Hoffman ... 6003

Volatiles and Ices on Mars
N. Hoffman ... 6002

White Mars: A Global Evolution Model for Mars’ Surface Based on CO2
N. Hoffman ... 6001


The White Rock on Mars Compared to Terrestrial Salt Diapirs and Glaciers
N. Hoffman ... 6008

Evidence for an Unusual Generation of Carbonate in ALH 84001
G. Holland, I. C. Lyon, J. M. Saxton, T. Frankland, and G. Turner.... 6100

Southern Hemisphere Storm Zones on Mars: Implications of
MOLA Topography

J. L. Hollingsworth, R. M. Haberle, and J. Schaeffer. 6222

The Martian Water Cycle Based on 3-D Modeling
H. Houben, R. M. Haberle, and M. M. Joshi .... 6165

Colors of Martian Fog: Observation Plan by MIC
A. Inada, A. M. Nakamura, and T. Mukai .... 6084

Observations of Polar Night Clouds with the Mars Orbiter Laser
Altimeter (MOLA)

A. B. Ivanov and D. O. Muhleman ... 6166

Topography of the North and South Polar Ice Caps on Mars
A. B. Ivanov and D. O. Muhleman 6188

Chryse Planitia, Mars: Topographic Configuration from MOLA Data and Tests
for Hypothesized Lakes and Shorelines

M. A. Ivanov and J. W. Head ... 6176

Why Mars? Exploring Mars and the Nature of Human Civilization
B. M. Jakosky ... 6032

The Dust Cycle: Sinks and Sources, Cause and Effect
P. B. James ... 6025

Status of the Dust Accumulation and Removal Technology Experiment for the
Mars 2001 Surveyor Lander

P. P. Jenkins, G. L. Landis, M. J. Krasowski, D. M. Wilt, L. C. Greer III,
J. Lekki, C. R. Baraona, and D. A. Scheiman ... 6203

Exploring the Effects of Dust Coatings and Shock Pressures on Thermal
Infrared Spectra

J. R. Johnson, P. G. Lucey, P. R. Christensen, and F. Hörz ... 6120

MABVAP: One Step Closer to an Aerobot Mission to Mars
V. V. Kerzhanovich, J. A. Cutts, A. D. Bachelder, J. M. Cameron,
J. L. Hall, J. D. Patzold, M. B. Quadrelli, A. H. Yavrouian, J. A. Cantrell,
T. T. Lachenmeier, and M. G. Smith ... 6119


Time-dependent Mantle Convection on Mars: Implications for Episodic
Tectonism and Volcanism in Tharsis

W. S. Kiefer. ... 6154

A Database of Viking Orbiter Image Coverage of Mars for Cartographic and
Scientific Use

R. Kirk, J. Barrett, and E. Howington-Kraus.... 6217

Revision of the Mars Control Net and Global Digital Image Mosaic
R. Kirk, K. Becker, D. Cook, T. Hare, E. Howington-Kraus, C. Isbell,
E. Lee, T. Rosanova, L. Soderblom, T. Sucharski, K. Thompson,
M. Davies, T. Colvin, and T. Parker ... 6218

USGS Mapping of the Mars Pathfinder Landing Site: Progress and Plans
R. L. Kirk, E. Howington-Kraus, T. Hare, J. Barrett, K. Becker, D. Cook,
T. Sucharski, K. Thompson, J. Blue, D. Galuszka, B. Redding, C. Isbell,
E. Lee, T. Rosanova, L. Gaddis, J. Johnson, L. Soderblom, W. Ward,
T. Parker, E. Dorrer, and A. Holzapfel.... 6216

Workshop Report: “Spectroscopy of the Martian Surface: What Next?”
L. E. Kirkland and A. Treiman ... 6179

Comparison of 1969 IRS and 1971 IRIS Spectra to TES
L. E. Kirkland, K. C. Herr, and P. B. Forney ... 6174

Utilizing Night Spectra of Mars for Mineralogy
L. E. Kirkland, K. C. Herr, and J. M. McAfee... 6186

Development of a Prototype Instrument for Stand-Off Elemental Analysis for Use
on a Mars Rover

A. K. Knight, D. A. Cremers, M. J. Ferris, N. L. Scherbarth, R. C. Wiens,
J. D. Blacic, W. M. Calvin, and J. E. Nordholt ... 6064

On a Successful Prediction of Martian Crust Fractionation Based on Comparative
Wave Planetology

G. G. Kochemasov ... 6034

Deflation History of the Mars Pathfinder Landing Site
M. D. Kraft and R. Greeley ... 6157

High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Mars: Recent Results and Implications for
Atmospheric Evolution

V. A. Krasnopolsky, T. C. Owen, and J. P. Maillard ... 6016


Extensional Tectonics and New Crater Statistics of the Northern Tharsis Province,

P. Kronberg and E. Hauber ... 6099

The Mars Environmental Compatibility Assessment (MECA) Abrasion Tool
K. R. Kuhlman, M. S. Anderson, B. D. Hinde, M. H. Hecht, W. T. Pike,
J. R. Marshall, and T. P. Meloy .... 6190

An Image Map of the Mars Pathfinder Landing Site
M. Kuschel, J. Oberst, E. Hauber, and R. Jaumann ... 6109

Spectral Behavior of Hematite at Visible/Near Infrared and Midinfrared

M. D. Lane, R. V. Morris, and P. R. Christensen... 6085

Rheological Investigations of Lava Flows on Arsia Mons, Mars
J. K. Lanz.... 6115

Small Valleys Networks on Mars: The Glacial Meltwater Channel Networks of
Devon Island, Nunavut Territory, Arctic Canada, as Possible Analogs

P. Lee and J. W. Rice Jr. ... 6237

HST Observations of North Polar Dust Storms in Late Summer on Mars
S. W. Lee, P. B. James, and M. J. Wolff ... 6052

Global Mapping and Individual Map Sheets — The Topographic Image Map
Series Mars 1:200 000

H. Lehmann, J. Albertz, M. Waehlisch, and G. Neukum... 6096

SSI/RAC: Imagers for Mars Polar Lander
M. T. Lemmon, R. A. Yingst, R. J. Reid, P. Smith,
and the MVACS Team .... 6205

Data Assimilation for the Atmosphere of Mars
S. R. Lewis and P. L. Read ... 6105

SNC Meteorites and the Bulk Composition of Mars
J. Longhi ... 6175

Microtektites on Mars
R. D. Lorenz .... 6039

Latest Results from the Mars Pathfinder Atmospheric Structure Investigation
J. A. Magalhães.... 6067


An Emergent, New Paradigm for Mars Geology
M. C. Malin and K. S. Edgett ... 6027

Atmospheric Results from the MGS Horizon Science Experiment
T. Z. Martin, J. R. Murphy, and J. L. Hollingsworth ... 6129

Evolution of the Martian Atmosphere: Clues from Nitrogen and Noble Gas
Isotopic Signatures in SNC Meteorites

K. J. Mathew and K. Marti... 6066

The Next Decade of Mars Exploration
D. J. McCleese ... 6026

Mars Climate Orbiter’s Investigation of the Atmosphere and Polar Caps
D. J. McCleese, V. Moroz, T. Schofield, F. Taylor, and R. Zurek... 6029

Alkaline Hypersaline Lakes as Analogs for Ancient Microbial Habitats on Mars
G. D. McDonald, A. I. Tsapin, M. C. Storrie-Lombardi, K. H. Nealson,
K. L. F. Brinton, H. Sun, K. Venkateswaren, I. Tsapin, J. Melack, and
R. Jellison ... 6136

Stratigraphy of the Upper Crust of Mars
A. S. McEwen ... 6024

Bringing Life to Mars
C. P. McKay .... 6242

Possible Evidence for Life in ALH84001
D. McKay, E. Gibson, and K. Thomas-Keprta... 6211

Geochemical Constraints on the Surface (Sedimentary) Mineralogy of Mars
S. M. McLennan ... 6148

Dikes on Mars: (1) What to Look For? (2) A First Survey of Possible Dikes
During the Mars Global Surveyor Aerobreaking and Science Phasing Orbits

D. Mège ... 6207

Graben Morphology, Dike Emplacement, and Tension Fracturing in the Tharsis
Igneous Province of Mars

D. Mège ... 6182

High-Resolution Mapping of Thermal Inertia from Mars Global Surveyor
Thermal Emission Spectrometer

M. T. Mellon, B. M. Jakosky, H. H. Kieffer, and P. R. Christensen ... 6131


Quartz May be a Hazard to Human Exploration of Mars
T. P. Meloy ... 6138

Biophysical Comparison of the Habitable Zones on Earth and Mars
A. Méndez ... 6197

Feeding the Mars Dust Cycle; Surface Dust Storage and Dust Devil Entrainment
S. M. Metzger ... 6196

Rampart Craters: Mechansism for Excavation of a Martian Biota of
Halothermophilic Archaea-Bacteria

S. W. Mitchell ... 6181

Experimental Studies of Brines and Evaporites as Applied to Mars: Initial Results
from 1998–1999 Runs

J. M. Moore, M. A. Bullock, M. T. Mellon, C. R. Woosley,
and A. P. Zent... 6056

The Topography and Basin Deposits of the Equatorial Highlands: A MGS-Viking
Synergistic Study

J. M. Moore, P. M. Schenk, and A. D. Howard. ... 6075

Two-Dimensional Numerical Study of the Atmospheric and Surface Oxidant
on Mars

D. Moreau and D. Fonteyn ... 6093

Titanomagnetite-bearing Palagonitic Dust as an Analogue for Magnetic Aeolian
Dust on Mars

R. V. Morris ... 6231

New Styles of Martian Volcanic Activity Revealed by Mars Orbiter Camera

P. J. Mouginis-Mark and L. Wilson ... 6051

Simulations of Mars Nadir UV and Infrared Observations for the SPICAM-Light
Instrument on Mars-Express

C. Muller, D. Moreau, D. Fonteyn, O. Korablev, and J. L. Bertaux ... 6022

The Martian Atmospheric Dust Cycle: Insights from Numerical Model

J. R. Murphy .... 6087

Layering Due to Pedogenic Processes in the Martian Soil
J. F. Mustard and C. D. Cooper.... 6168


The Blue Clearing at Syrtis Major and Its Relation to Equatorial Clouds: 1997
and 1999 Observations

T. Nakakushi, T. Akabane, K. Iwasaki, and S. M. Larson.... 6097

Initiation of Sandstorms Due to Impacts of the 1–10-Meter-Diameter Meteoroids
onto the Surface of Mars

I. V. Nemtchinov, O. P. Popova, V. A. Rybakov, and V. V. Shuvalov ... 6081

The Effects of Magnetic Anomalies Discovered at Mars on the Structure of the
Martian Ionosphere and the Solar Wind Interaction as Follows from Radio
Occultation Experiments

N. F. Ness, M. H. Acuna, J. E. P. Connerney, P. Cloutier, A. J. Kliore,
T. K. Breus, A. M. Krymskii, and S. J. Bauer.... 6108

A Dust Transport Model for Mars: From Injection to Deposition
C. E. Newman, S. R. Lewis, and P. L. Read. ... 6117

Multispectral Mapping of the Martian Polar Ice Caps
A. W. Nolin and W. H. Farrand .... 6071

Mars Surface Rock Abundance from Thermal Emission Spectrometer (TES)
Mapping Data

S. A. Nowicki and P. R. Christensen ... 6191

Geometrically Precise Maps and Their Applications
J. Oberst, W. Zeitler, M. Kuschel, and R. Jaumann.... 6106

Mars Electromagnetic Sounding Experiment — MARSES
Y. R. Ozorovich, V. M. Linkin, and W. D. Smythe ... 6014

On Performances of Ground Penetrating Radars for Mars Subsurface Exploration
P. Paillou, G. Grandjean, E. Heggy, J.-M. Malézieux, and J. Achache ... 6061

Observational Tests of the Mars Ocean Hypothesis: Selected MOC and
MOLA Results

T. J. Parker and W. B. Banerdt ... 6114

Location and Geologic Setting for the Three U.S. Mars Landers
T. J. Parker and R. L. Kirk ... 6124

A Review of Spatial and Seasonal Changes in Condensation Clouds Observed
During Aerobraking by MGS TES

J. C. Pearl, M. D. Smith, B. J. Conrath, J. L. Bandfield, and
P. R. Christensen ... 6194


Momentum Transport in the Solar Wind Erosion of the Mars Ionosphere
H. A. Pérez-de-Tejada.... 6031

CO2 Ice Clouds in the Polar Hood as Seen by MOLA
G. H. Pettengill and P. G. Ford .... 6047

The Mystery of the Mars North Polar Gravity-Topography Correlation
(Or Lack Thereof)

R. J. Phillips, W. L. Sjogren, and C. L. Johnson .... 6118

MOLA-derived Roughness Data Used to Predict Surface Scattering for Mars
Subsurface Radar Sounding

J. J. Plaut and S. Garneau ... 6239

The Effect of Bulk Density on the Thermal Conductivity of Particulate Materials
Under Martian Atmospheric Pressures

M. A. Presley-Holloway ... 6077

Measurements of Isotope Ratios and Abundances in the Atmosphere of Mars
by a Mass Spectrometer: PALOMA

E. Quémerais, E. Chassefière, J. J. Berthelier, A. Jambon, P. Agrinier,
M. Javoy, J. Kunz, and P. Sarda ... 6110

POD/EOF Models of Mars’ Atmospheric Circulation: Is Martian
Meteorology Chaotic?

P. L. Read, S. R. Lewis, S. G. Whitehouse, and I. M. Moroz. ... 6238

A Revised Target Calibration Procedure for Imager for Mars Pathfinder and
Surface Stereo Imager for Mars Polar Lander Datasets

R. J. Reid, P. H. Smith, M. T. Lemmon, and R. A. Yingst. ... 6177

Cascading Lakes, Spillways, and Subaqueous Debris Flows: Models for
Martian Paleolakes

J. W. Rice Jr., V. R. Baker, and D. H. Scott ... 6241

Sedimentary Geomorphology of the Mars Pathfinder Landing Site
J. W. Rice Jr., M. T. Lemmon, P. H. Smith, and R. A. Yingst ... 6240

The Water Cycle: Dynamics of Reservoir Exchange, Transport, and
Integrated Behaviour

M. I. Richardson... 6021

The Coupled Roles of Dust and Water Ice Clouds in the Mars Aphelion Season
A. V. Rodin, R. J. Wilson, R. T. Clancy, and M. I. Richardson... 6235


Thermal-Infrared Spectral Characteristics of Martian Albedo Features: Clues to

S. W. Ruff and P. R. Christensen... 6230

Martian Polar Impact Craters: A Preliminary Assessment Using Mars Orbiter
Laser Altimeter (MOLA)

S. E. H. Sakimoto and J. B. Garvin .... 6195

Concentration of Phobos-derived Particles on the Equatorial Region of Martian

S. Sasaki ... 6121

Progress of the Mars Array Technology Experiment (MATE) on the ’01 Lander
D. A. Scheiman, C. R. Baraona, P. Jenkins, D. Wilt, M. Krasowski,
L. Greer, J. Lekki, and D. Spina.... 6183

South Polar Region of Mars: Topography and Geology
P. M. Schenk and J. M. Moore ... 6178

Stereogrammetric Mapping of Mars: Promise, Progress, and Problems
P. M. Schenk and J. M. Moore ... 6209

Generation and Dispersal of Impact Glasses on Mars: Implications for the Nature
of Mobile Dark Materials and Buried Dark Horizons

P. H. Schultz .... 6226

A New Look at Martian Extensional Structures: Are the Faults More than Only
Skin Deep?

R. A. Schultz .... 6072

Numerical Simulations of Mesoscale Circulations and Resulting Water Vapour
Transport in the Springtime Northern Polar Cap Edge Region

T. Siili, D. S. Bass, and H. Savijärvi ... 6089

Analysis of Mars HST Observations
P. H. Smith, B. J. Bos, M. Lemmon, G. P. McStroul, and R. J. Reid ... 6145

Constraints on the Martian Plate Tectonic Hypothesis from Gravity and
Topography Data

S. Smrekar and C. Raymond ... 6172

New Insights into the Thermal History and Crustal Evolution of Mars from Mars
Global Surveyor

S. C. Solomon ... 6212

Revisited Models of Mars Internal Structure and Thermal Evolution
C. Sotin and Ph. Lognonne ... 6091

Was It Alive? Distinguishing Biological from Non-Biological Mineralization and
Geological Structures

M. N. Spilde, P. J. Boston, and D. E. Northup... 6180

Correction for Scattering Opacity of Martian Atmospheric Water Vapor

A. Sprague, D. Hunten, R. Hill, L. Doose, and B. Rizk .... 6033

Manganese, Metallogenium, and Martian Microfossils
L. Y. Stein and K. H. Nealson ... 6133

Visualizing Mars Using Virtual Reality: A State of the Art Mapping Technique
Used on Mars Pathfinder

C. Stoker, E. Zbinden, T. Blackmon, and L. Nguyen... 6037

Water Ice Cloud Opacities and Temperatures Derived from the Viking IRTM
Data Set

L. K. Tamppari, R. W. Zurek, and D. A. Paige ... 6122

What is the Significance of Layering Observed by MOC in Martian Heavily
Cratered Terrain?

K. L. Tanaka.... 6048

The Martian Sky and Its Illumination of the Martian Surface
N. Thomas, W. J. Markiewicz, R. M. Sablotny, and H. U. Keller ... 6127

Biogenic Magnetite in Martian Meteorite ALH84001
K. L. Thomas-Keprta, D. Bazylinski, S. J. Wentworth, D. S. McKay,
J. L. Kirschvink, S. J. Clemett, M. S. Bell, D. C. Golden, and
E. K. Gibson Jr ... 6158

The Role of Water/Ice in the Resurfacing History of Hellas Basin
B. J. Thomson and J. W. Head ... 6200

Martian Climate Variability: Multi-Year, In-Situ Observations of Pressure
and Temperature

J. E. Tillman, A.-M. Harri, and S. E. Larsen .... 6156

Water Vapor in the Atmosphere of Mars: From Pathfinder to Mars Polar Lander
D. V. Titov, W. J. Markiewicz, N. Thomas, and H. U. Keller .... 6054

Seasonal Variation of Aerosols
A. D. Toigo and M. I. Richardson ... 6233


EXOCAM: A “Chamber” to Simulate Oxido-Reduction Properties of the Mars
Surface Layer

D. Toublanc, E. Chassefiere, A. Brack, M. Cabane, P. Carlier, J. Ingrin,
A. Jacotin, S. Lebonnois, P. Millan, P. Pinet, F. Raulin, P. Renault, and
J. M. Siguier .... 6094

Zeolite Cement in Martian Volcaniclastic Rocks
D. G. Towell and A. Basu.... 6149

The Removal of Periodic Gravitational Perturbations from Mars Global
Surveyor’s Science Phasing Orbits Applied to the Study of the Martian Exosphere

P. W. Tracadas, M. T. Zuber, F. G. Lemoine, and D. E. Smith ... 6193

Biomarkers in ALH 84001???
A. H. Treiman... 6019

Near-Surface Stratigraphy Beneath Xanthe Terra
A. H. Treiman... 6098

Fe(VI) as a Possible Oxidant on the Martian Surface
A. I. Tsapin, M. G. Goldfeld, G. D. McDonald, and K. H. Nealson .... 6123

Microorganisms from Permafrost Viable and Detectable by 16SRNA Analysis:
A Model for Mars

A. I. Tsapin, G. D. McDonald, M. Andrews, R. Bhartia, S. Douglas, and
D. Gilichinsky... 6104

Surface Properties of Mars’ Polar Layered Deposits and Polar Landing Sites
A. R. Vasavada and K. E. Herkenhoff ... 6086

The Chemical Composition of the Martian Surface
H. Wänke, J. Brückner, G. Dreibus, G. W. Lugmair, R. Rieder, and
T. Economou.... 6046

Analysis of Photometry of the Martian Sky and Ground to Determine the
Coupling Between Derived Values of Optical Constants of the Aerosol Particles
and the Surface Reflectivity

E. Wegryn, M. G. Tomasko, and L. R. Doose ... 6215

Thermal and Magnetic History of the Martian Meteorite ALH84001:
Implications for Past Martian Life and Panspermia

B. P. Weiss, J. L. Kirschvink, A. T. Maine, and F. Macdonald... 6204

Atmospheric Energy Limits on Subsurface Life on Mars
B. P. Weiss, Y. L. Yung, and K. H. Nealson ... 6192


Petrological Explanations for the Magnetic Anomalies Detected on Mars
C. M. Weitz and M. J. Rutherford ... 6162

Models of the Thermal and Volcanic Evolution of Mars
A. Weizman, D. Prialnik, and M. Podolak ... 6043

An ESA Robotic Package to Search for Life on Mars
F. Westall, A. Brack, P. Clancy, B. Hofmann, G. Horneck, G. Kurat,
J. Maxwell, G. G. Ori, C. Pillinger, F. Raulin, N. Thomas,
and B. Fitton.... 6063

Identifying Fossil Bacteria in Martian Materials
F. Westall, D. S. McKay, and E. K. Gibson Jr. ... 6135

Trapping of Ancient Martian Atmosphere in Meteorite ALH 84001
J. A. Whitby, J. D. Gilmour, and G. Turner ... 6141

Monte Carlo Radiation Transfer Models for Mars
B. A. Whitney, M. J. Wolff, and R. T. Clancy .... 6213

Morphometry of Circum-Chryse Outflow Channels: Preliminary Results
and Implications

R. M. Williams and R. J. Phillips ... 6035

The Martian Surface Boundary Layer
G. R. Wilson and M. Joshi... 6221

Widespread Occurrence of Dikes Within the Olympus Mons Aureole Materials
L. Wilson and P. J. Mouginis-Mark ... 6050

Comparison of Mars GCM Dust Storm Simulations with Viking
Mission Observations

R. J. Wilson and M. I. Richardson ... 6234

The Martian Upper Atmosphere During Phase 2 of Mars Global Surveyor
Aerobraking: Comparison to Predictions

P. G. Withers, S. W. Bougher, and G. M. Keating ... 6073

Some Characteristics of the Martian Aphelion Global Cloud Belt
M. J. Wolff, R. T. Clancy, B. A. Whitney, P. R. Christensen, and
J. C. Pearl... 6173

Ultraviolet Radiation-induced Alteration of Martian Surface Materials
A. S. Yen ... 6076


Preliminary Science Results from the Recalibration of IMP Images
R. A. Yingst, R. J. Reid, and P. H. Smith ... 6199

Rock Textures and the Coating Analogues at the Pathfinder Landing Site and
Thiel Mountains, Inland Antarctica

K. Yoshikawa and S. Ishimaru ... 6058

Life and Death on Mars and Earth
K. J. Zahnle and N. H. Sleep .... 6147

A New Viking-based Precise Global Map of Mars
W. Zeitler, G. Niedermaier, J. Oberst, E. Hauber, and R. Jaumann ... 6107

An Open, Snow-based Hydrologic System on Noachian Mars
A. P. Zent.... 6069

Structure of the Martian Polar Deposits
M. T. Zuber. ... 6229

Polar Layered Terrains: Links Between the Martian Volatile and Dust Cycles
R. W. Zurek. ... 6028

Driving Stresses in Mars Polar Ice Caps and Conditions for Ice Flow
H. J. Zwally and J. L. Saba ... 6151



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