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July 18-23, 1999 - Pasadena, California

Abstracts courtesy of the
Lunar and Planetary Institute


Identifying Fossil Bacteria in Martian Materials
F. Westall, D. S. McKay, and E. K. Gibson Jr. ... 6135

Possible Evidence for Life in ALH84001
D. McKay, E. Gibson, and K. Thomas-Keprta... 6211

Biomarkers in ALH 84001???
A. H. Treiman... 6019

Was It Alive? Distinguishing Biological from Non-Biological Mineralization and
Geological Structures

M. N. Spilde, P. J. Boston, and D. E. Northup... 6180

Evidence for Ancient Martian Life
E. K. Gibson Jr., F. Westall, D. S. McKay, K. Thomas-Keprta,
S. Wentworth, and C. S. Romanek. ... 6142

Biogenic Magnetite in Martian Meteorite ALH84001
K. L. Thomas-Keprta, D. Bazylinski, S. J. Wentworth, D. S. McKay,
J. L. Kirschvink, S. J. Clemett, M. S. Bell, D. C. Golden, and
E. K. Gibson Jr ... 6158

Thermal and Magnetic History of the Martian Meteorite ALH84001:
Implications for Past Martian Life and Panspermia

B. P. Weiss, J. L. Kirschvink, A. T. Maine, and F. Macdonald... 6204

Manganese, Metallogenium, and Martian Microfossils
L. Y. Stein and K. H. Nealson ... 6133

Terrestrial Cave Microbiota: Models of Martian Subsurface Biology
P. J. Boston, D. E. Northup, M. N. Spilde, and L. D. Hose... 6155

Alkaline Hypersaline Lakes as Analogs for Ancient Microbial Habitats on Mars
G. D. McDonald, A. I. Tsapin, M. C. Storrie-Lombardi, K. H. Nealson,
K. L. F. Brinton, H. Sun, K. Venkateswaren, I. Tsapin, J. Melack, and
R. Jellison ... 6136

Microorganisms from Permafrost Viable and Detectable by 16SRNA Analysis:
A Model for Mars

A. I. Tsapin, G. D. McDonald, M. Andrews, R. Bhartia, S. Douglas, and
D. Gilichinsky... 6104

Aminostratigraphy of Organisms in Antarctic and Siberian Permafrost Cores
K. L. F. Brinton, A. I. Tsapin, G. D. McDonald, and D. Gilichinsky... 6137

Life and Death on Mars and Earth
K. J. Zahnle and N. H. Sleep .... 6147

Atmospheric Energy Limits on Subsurface Life on Mars
B. P. Weiss, Y. L. Yung, and K. H. Nealson ... 6192

Environmental and Mineralogical Controls on Fossilization: Key Elements in a
Strategy for Mars Exopaleontology

J. D. Farmer .... 6224

Biophysical Comparison of the Habitable Zones on Earth and Mars
A. Méndez ... 6197

Superbug — Make a Living on Current-Day Mars
B. C. Clark... 6223

Rampart Craters: Mechansism for Excavation of a Martian Biota of
Halothermophilic Archaea-Bacteria

S. W. Mitchell ... 6181


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