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July 18-23, 1999 - Pasadena, California

Abstracts courtesy of the
Lunar and Planetary Institute


Observations of the Thermal Structure and Dynamics of the Martian Atmosphere
B. J. Conrath, J. C. Pearl, M. D. Smith, D. Banfield,
and P. R. Christensen ... 6015

Latest Results from the Mars Pathfinder Atmospheric Structure Investigation
J. A. Magalhães.... 6067

The Martian Surface Boundary Layer
G. R. Wilson and M. Joshi... 6221

CO2 Ice Clouds in the Polar Hood as Seen by MOLA
G. H. Pettengill and P. G. Ford .... 6047

Thermal Tides and Stationary Waves Revealed by MGS TES
D. Banfield, B. J. Conrath, J. C. Pearl, M. D. Smith, P. J. Gierasch, and
P. R. Christensen... 6169

Initiation and Spread of Martian Dust Storms
J. R. Barnes 6011

A Dust Transport Model for Mars: From Injection to Deposition
C. E. Newman, S. R. Lewis, and P. L. Read. ... 6117

Initiation of Sandstorms Due to Impacts of the 1–10-Meter-Diameter Meteoroids
onto the Surface of Mars

I. V. Nemtchinov, O. P. Popova, V. A. Rybakov, and V. V. Shuvalov ... 6081

Modeling the Atmospheric Structure and Dynamics of the Martian Atmosphere
R. M. Haberle ... 6018

Comparison of Mars GCM Dust Storm Simulations with Viking
Mission Observations

R. J. Wilson and M. I. Richardson ... 6234

Southern Hemisphere Storm Zones on Mars: Implications of
MOLA Topography

J. L. Hollingsworth, R. M. Haberle, and J. Schaeffer. 6222

Data Assimilation for the Atmosphere of Mars
S. R. Lewis and P. L. Read ... 6105

Mapping the Martian Meteorology
M. Allison, J. D. Ross, and N. Solomon ... 6102

Numerical Simulations of Mesoscale Circulations and Resulting Water Vapour
Transport in the Springtime Northern Polar Cap Edge Region

T. Siili, D. S. Bass, and H. Savijärvi ... 6089

Two-Dimensional Numerical Study of the Atmospheric and Surface Oxidant
on Mars

D. Moreau and D. Fonteyn ... 6093


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