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July 18-23, 1999 - Pasadena, California

Abstracts courtesy of the
Lunar and Planetary Institute


Mars Electromagnetic Sounding Experiment — MARSES
Y. R. Ozorovich, V. M. Linkin, and W. D. Smythe ... 6014

Simulations of Mars Nadir UV and Infrared Observations for the SPICAM-Light
Instrument on Mars-Express

C. Muller, D. Moreau, D. Fonteyn, O. Korablev, and J. L. Bertaux ... 6022

Mars Climate Orbiter’s Investigation of the Atmosphere and Polar Caps
D. J. McCleese, V. Moroz, T. Schofield, F. Taylor, and R. Zurek... 6029

The Dynamo Micro-Orbiter Project: Investigation of Mars Gravity/Magnetic
Fields and Atmospheric Interactions

E. Chassefiere, F. Forget, S. Smrekar, H. Reme, C. Mazelle, M. Acuna,
J. Connerney, M. Purucker, R. Lin, J. Luhmann, M. Parrot,
J. J. Berthelier, M. Menvielle, P. Touboul, E. Quemerais, J. L. Bertaux,
J. Clarke, A. Nagy, J. P. Barriot, M. Blanc, H. Waite, M. Moncuquet,
J. L. Bougeret, G. Hulot, O. Grasset, C. Sotin, S. Bougher, B. Jakosky,
D. Breuer, and M. Parmentier ... 6041

Need for SAM on Mars!!! a.k.a. In Situ Inorganic and Organic Analysis of the
Martian Soil, on Mars Sample Return Mission

P. Coll, M. Cabane, G. Israël, P. Rannou, F. Raulin, R. Sternberg,
A. Jambon, H. Niemann, and P. Mahaffy 6044

A Generic Package for Long Term Monitoring of the Martian Thermosphere on
the Telecom Orbiters of the Mars Micromission Program

E. Chassefiere, F. Forget, F. Hourdin, F. Vial, F. Jegou, J. J. Berthelier,
L. Duvet, P. Touboul, S. Bougher, and G. Keating ... 6045

Results of the First Astronaut-Rover (ASRO) Field Experiment: Lessons and
Directions for the Human Exploration of Mars

N. A. Cabrol, J. J. Kosmo, R. C. Trevino, H. Thomas, D. Eppler,
M. G. Bualat, K. Baker, E. Huber, M. Sierhuis, E. A. Grin, C. R. Stoker,
J. A. Schreiner, M. H. Sims, V. C. Gulick, and C. S. Cockell ... 6055

On Performances of Ground Penetrating Radars for Mars Subsurface Exploration
P. Paillou, G. Grandjean, E. Heggy, J.-M. Malézieux, and J. Achache ... 6061

An ESA Robotic Package to Search for Life on Mars
F. Westall, A. Brack, P. Clancy, B. Hofmann, G. Horneck, G. Kurat,
J. Maxwell, G. G. Ori, C. Pillinger, F. Raulin, N. Thomas,
and B. Fitton.... 6063

Development of a Prototype Instrument for Stand-Off Elemental Analysis for Use
on a Mars Rover

A. K. Knight, D. A. Cremers, M. J. Ferris, N. L. Scherbarth, R. C. Wiens,
J. D. Blacic, W. M. Calvin, and J. E. Nordholt ... 6064

Atmospheric Science Experiment for Mars — ATMIS for the Netlander 2005

A.-M. Harri, T. Siili, A. Angrilli, S. Calcutt, D. Crisp, S. Larsen, J. Polkko,
J.-P. Pommereau, C. Malique, and J. E. Tillman ... 6074

Study of the Martian Atmospheric Composition by SPICAM Light Onboard the
Mars Express Mission

J. L. Bertaux, D. Fonteyn, O. Korablev, O. Talagrand, N. Dubouloz,
B. Sandel, A. Stern, and the SPICAM Light Team (E. Dimarellis, E. Neefs,
M. Cabane, G. Cernogora, A. Hauchecorne, A. C. Levasseur-Regourd,
E. Quémerais, P. Rannou, C. Hermans, G. Kockarts, C. Lippens,
M. De Maziére, D. Moreau, C. Muller, P. Simon, J. Vercheval,
E. Chassefiere, F. Forget, F. Hourdin, V. I. Moroz, and A. Rodin) ... 6092

EXOCAM: A “Chamber” to Simulate Oxido-Reduction Properties of the Mars
Surface Layer

D. Toublanc, E. Chassefiere, A. Brack, M. Cabane, P. Carlier, J. Ingrin,
A. Jacotin, S. Lebonnois, P. Millan, P. Pinet, F. Raulin, P. Renault, and
J. M. Siguier .... 6094

Mars Express: Overview and Scientific Investigations
A. F. Chicarro ... 6111

The Meteorological Experiment on the Mars Surveyor ’98 Polar Lander
D. Crisp and the MVACS Met Team ... 6116

MABVAP: One Step Closer to an Aerobot Mission to Mars
V. V. Kerzhanovich, J. A. Cutts, A. D. Bachelder, J. M. Cameron,
J. L. Hall, J. D. Patzold, M. B. Quadrelli, A. H. Yavrouian, J. A. Cantrell,
T. T. Lachenmeier, and M. G. Smith ... 6119

The MSP ’01 Mars Environmental Compatibility Assessment (MECA)
M. H. Hecht, T. P. Meloy, M. S. Anderson, M. G. Buehler, M. A. Frant,
S. M. Grannan, S. D. Fuerstenau, H. U. Keller, W. J. Markiewicz,
J. Marshall, W. T. Pike, W. W. Schubert, P. Smith, U. Stauffer, S. West,
and J. Rademacher.... 6134

Quartz May be a Hazard to Human Exploration of Mars
T. P. Meloy ... 6138

The Mars Environmental Compatibility Assessment (MECA) Wet Chemistry
Experiment on the Mars 2001 Lander

S. M. Grannan, T. P. Meloy, H. Hecht, M. S. Anderson, M. Buehler,
M. Frant, S. P. Kounaves, K. S. Manatt, W. T. Pike, W. Schubert,
S. West, and X. Wen... 6160

Biological Sterilization of Returned Mars Samples
C. C. Allen, F. G. Albert, J. Combie, R. J. Bodnar, V. E. Hamilton,
B. L. Jolliff, K. Kuebler, A. Wang, D. J. Lindstrom, P. A. Morris,
R. V. Morris, R. W. Murray, L. E. Nyquist, P. D. Simpson, A. Steele,
and S. J. Symes 6161

A Revised Target Calibration Procedure for Imager for Mars Pathfinder and
Surface Stereo Imager for Mars Polar Lander Datasets

R. J. Reid, P. H. Smith, M. T. Lemmon, and R. A. Yingst. ... 6177

Workshop Report: “Spectroscopy of the Martian Surface: What Next?”
L. E. Kirkland and A. Treiman ... 6179

Progress of the Mars Array Technology Experiment (MATE) on the ’01 Lander
D. A. Scheiman, C. R. Baraona, P. Jenkins, D. Wilt, M. Krasowski,
L. Greer, J. Lekki, and D. Spina.... 6183

MECA Electrometer: Initial Experimental Results
M. Buehler, L.-J. Cheng, O. Orient, R. Gompf, J. Bayliss, J. Rauwerdink,
and J. Marshall .... 6189

The Mars Environmental Compatibility Assessment (MECA) Abrasion Tool
K. R. Kuhlman, M. S. Anderson, B. D. Hinde, M. H. Hecht, W. T. Pike,
J. R. Marshall, and T. P. Meloy .... 6190

Status of the Dust Accumulation and Removal Technology Experiment for the
Mars 2001 Surveyor Lander

P. P. Jenkins, G. L. Landis, M. J. Krasowski, D. M. Wilt, L. C. Greer III,
J. Lekki, C. R. Baraona, and D. A. Scheiman ... 6203

Microscopy of Analogs for Martian Dust and Soil
M. A. Anderson, W. T. Pike, and C. M. Weitz ... 6210

MOLA-derived Roughness Data Used to Predict Surface Scattering for Mars
Subsurface Radar Sounding

J. J. Plaut and S. Garneau ... 6239


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