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July 18-23, 1999 - Pasadena, California

Abstracts courtesy of the
Lunar and Planetary Institute


Orbital and Interannual Variability of the Global Mars Atmosphere
R. T. Clancy ... 6023

The Water Cycle: Dynamics of Reservoir Exchange, Transport, and
Integrated Behaviour

M. I. Richardson... 6021

The Radiative Effects of Water Ice Clouds on the Martian Temperature Profile
A. Colaprete and O. B. Toon.... 6053

The Coupled Roles of Dust and Water Ice Clouds in the Mars Aphelion Season
A. V. Rodin, R. J. Wilson, R. T. Clancy, and M. I. Richardson... 6235

The Blue Clearing at Syrtis Major and Its Relation to Equatorial Clouds: 1997
and 1999 Observations

T. Nakakushi, T. Akabane, K. Iwasaki, and S. M. Larson.... 6097

Water Ice Cloud Opacities and Temperatures Derived from the Viking IRTM
Data Set

L. K. Tamppari, R. W. Zurek, and D. A. Paige ... 6122

A Review of Spatial and Seasonal Changes in Condensation Clouds Observed
During Aerobraking by MGS TES

J. C. Pearl, M. D. Smith, B. J. Conrath, J. L. Bandfield, and
P. R. Christensen ... 6194

Water Vapor in the Atmosphere of Mars: From Pathfinder to Mars Polar Lander
D. V. Titov, W. J. Markiewicz, N. Thomas, and H. U. Keller .... 6054

Correction for Scattering Opacity of Martian Atmospheric Water Vapor

A. Sprague, D. Hunten, R. Hill, L. Doose, and B. Rizk .... 6033

The Dust Cycle: Sinks and Sources, Cause and Effect
P. B. James ... 6025

The Martian Atmospheric Dust Cycle: Insights from Numerical Model

J. R. Murphy .... 6087

Simulations of the Martian Seasonal Dust Cycle with a General Circulation

F. Forget, F. Hourdin, C. Hourdin, and O. Talagrand ... 6206

Feeding the Mars Dust Cycle; Surface Dust Storage and Dust Devil Entrainment
S. M. Metzger ... 6196

HST Observations of North Polar Dust Storms in Late Summer on Mars
S. W. Lee, P. B. James, and M. J. Wolff ... 6052

Seasonal Variation of Aerosols
A. D. Toigo and M. I. Richardson ... 6233

Analysis of Photometry of the Martian Sky and Ground to Determine the
Coupling Between Derived Values of Optical Constants of the Aerosol Particles
and the Surface Reflectivity

E. Wegryn, M. G. Tomasko, and L. R. Doose ... 6215

Ultraviolet Radiation on the Surface of Mars
D. C. Catling, C. S. Cockell, and C. P. McKay. ... 6128

Martian Climate Variability: Multi-Year, In-Situ Observations of Pressure
and Temperature

J. E. Tillman, A.-M. Harri, and S. E. Larsen .... 6156

Composition, Microphysical State, and Energy Balance of the Mars Seasonal
Polar Caps from MGS

G. B. Hansen ... 6090

Observations of Polar Night Clouds with the Mars Orbiter Laser
Altimeter (MOLA)

A. B. Ivanov and D. O. Muhleman ... 6166


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