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July 18-23, 1999 - Pasadena, California

Abstracts courtesy of the
Lunar and Planetary Institute


Nature and Origin of Martian Surface Materials
J. F. Bell III ... 6017

Where is the Geochemical Evidence for a Warm Wet Mars?
D. L. Blaney ... 6113

A Model for Generation of Martian Surface Dust, Soil and Rock Coatings:
Physical vs. Chemical Interactions, and Palagonitic Plus Hydrothermal Alteration

J. L. Bishop, S. Murchie, C. Pieters, and A. Zent... 6220

Clues from the SWIR: Mineralogical Constraints from 1 to 4 µm
W. M. Calvin, J. L. Bishop, and S. Erard ... 6125

Spectroscopic Detectibility of Sulfates in Dust and Duricrust on Mars
C. D. Cooper and J. F. Mustard.... 6164

Titanomagnetite-bearing Palagonitic Dust as an Analogue for Magnetic Aeolian
Dust on Mars

R. V. Morris ... 6231

Preliminary Science Results from the Recalibration of IMP Images
R. A. Yingst, R. J. Reid, and P. H. Smith ... 6199

Experimental Studies of Brines and Evaporites as Applied to Mars: Initial Results
from 1998–1999 Runs

J. M. Moore, M. A. Bullock, M. T. Mellon, C. R. Woosley,
and A. P. Zent... 6056

Some Aspects of the Calibration of the Mars Pathfinder Alpha Proton X-Ray

T. E. Economou, C. N. Foley, W. Dietrich, and C. Hernas... 6167

Geochemical Constraints on the Surface (Sedimentary) Mineralogy of Mars
S. M. McLennan ... 6148

On the Non-Observability of Carbonates on Mars
B. C. Clark... 6214

Ultraviolet Radiation-induced Alteration of Martian Surface Materials
A. S. Yen ... 6076

Generation and Dispersal of Impact Glasses on Mars: Implications for the Nature
of Mobile Dark Materials and Buried Dark Horizons

P. H. Schultz .... 6226

Concentration of Phobos-derived Particles on the Equatorial Region of Martian

S. Sasaki ... 6121

Microtektites on Mars
R. D. Lorenz .... 6039

Comparative Geomorphology of Seasonally Active Crescentic Dunes: Nili
Patera, Mars and Strzelecki Desert, Earth

M. A. Bishop.... 6059

Mars Pathfinder Landing Site: Evidence for a Change in Wind Regime and
Climate from Lander and Orbiter Data

R. Greeley, M. D. Kraft, R. O. Kuzmin, and N. T. Bridges ... 6153

Ventifacts on Mars
N. T. Bridges ... 6152

Deflation History of the Mars Pathfinder Landing Site
M. D. Kraft and R. Greeley ... 6157



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