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July 18-23, 1999 - Pasadena, California

Abstracts courtesy of the
Lunar and Planetary Institute


New Insights into the Thermal History and Crustal Evolution of Mars from Mars
Global Surveyor

S. C. Solomon ... 6212

The Mystery of the Mars North Polar Gravity-Topography Correlation
(Or Lack Thereof)

R. J. Phillips, W. L. Sjogren, and C. L. Johnson .... 6118

An Emergent, New Paradigm for Mars Geology
M. C. Malin and K. S. Edgett ... 6027

Stratigraphy of the Upper Crust of Mars
A. S. McEwen ... 6024

What is the Significance of Layering Observed by MOC in Martian Heavily
Cratered Terrain?

K. L. Tanaka.... 6048

Near-Surface Stratigraphy Beneath Xanthe Terra
A. H. Treiman... 6098

Layering Due to Pedogenic Processes in the Martian Soil
J. F. Mustard and C. D. Cooper.... 6168

Recent Advances in Mars Tectonics
M. P. Golombek and W. B. Banerdt ... 6020

Time-dependent Mantle Convection on Mars: Implications for Episodic
Tectonism and Volcanism in Tharsis

W. S. Kiefer. ... 6154

Extensional Tectonics and New Crater Statistics of the Northern Tharsis Province,

P. Kronberg and E. Hauber ... 6099

Extension Across Tempe Terra, Mars from MOLA Topographic Measurements
B. W. Harrington, R. J. Phillips, and M. P. Golombek .... 6130

A New Look at Martian Extensional Structures: Are the Faults More than Only
Skin Deep?

R. A. Schultz .... 6072

New Styles of Martian Volcanic Activity Revealed by Mars Orbiter Camera

P. J. Mouginis-Mark and L. Wilson ... 6051

Volcanism on Mars: Volcanological and Global Significance of Its Calderas
L. S. Crumpler ... 6198

Widespread Occurrence of Dikes Within the Olympus Mons Aureole Materials
L. Wilson and P. J. Mouginis-Mark ... 6050

Tharsis Montes Subglacial Volcanism: Proposal for a New Classification of
Tharsis Volcanoes Based on Volcano-Ice Interactions and an Estimate of the
Tharsis Ice Budget

J. Helgason. 6038


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