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July 18-23, 1999 - Pasadena, California

Abstracts courtesy of the
Lunar and Planetary Institute


Global History of Water and Climate
M. H. Carr... 6030

The Evolution of the Martian Hydrosphere and Its Implications for the Fate of a
Primordial Ocean

S. M. Clifford and T. J. Parker. ... 6236

An Open, Snow-based Hydrologic System on Noachian Mars
A. P. Zent.... 6069

Climate Change on Mars Inferred from Erosion Rates at the Mars Pathfinder
Landing Site

M. P. Golombek and N. T. Bridges .... 6057

White Mars: A Global Evolution Model for Mars’ Surface Based on CO2
N. Hoffman ... 6001

Observational Tests of the Mars Ocean Hypothesis: Selected MOC and
MOLA Results

T. J. Parker and W. B. Banerdt ... 6114

An Analysis of Evidence from MOLA for Northern Seas and Oceans in the Past
History of Mars

J. W. Head, M. Kreslavsky, H. Hiesinger, B. Thomson, and S. Pratt ... 6184

Chryse Planitia, Mars: Topographic Configuration from MOLA Data and Tests
for Hypothesized Lakes and Shorelines

M. A. Ivanov and J. W. Head ... 6176

Ponds, Lakes, and Oceans: An Overview of Standing Bodies of Water on Mars
R. A. De Hon ... 6078

The Topography and Basin Deposits of the Equatorial Highlands: A MGS-Viking
Synergistic Study

J. M. Moore, P. M. Schenk, and A. D. Howard. ... 6075

Sedimentary Geomorphology of the Mars Pathfinder Landing Site
J. W. Rice Jr., M. T. Lemmon, P. H. Smith, and R. A. Yingst ... 6240

Morphometry of Circum-Chryse Outflow Channels: Preliminary Results
and Implications

R. M. Williams and R. J. Phillips ... 6035

Cascading Lakes, Spillways, and Subaqueous Debris Flows: Models for
Martian Paleolakes

J. W. Rice Jr., V. R. Baker, and D. H. Scott ... 6241

Small Valleys Networks on Mars: The Glacial Meltwater Channel Networks of
Devon Island, Nunavut Territory, Arctic Canada, as Possible Analogs

P. Lee and J. W. Rice Jr. ... 6237

Polygons in Southern Utopia Planitia: Initial Results from the Mars Orbiter Laser
Altimeter (MOLA)

H. Hiesinger and J. W. Head III ... 6126

The Role of Water/Ice in the Resurfacing History of Hellas Basin
B. J. Thomson and J. W. Head ... 6200

Subsurface Volatile Reservoirs: Clues from Martian Impact Crater Morphologies
N. G. Barlow ... 6082

Global Geometric Properties of Martian Impact Craters: A Preliminary
Assessment Using Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA)

J. B. Garvin, S. E. H. Sakimoto, C. Schnetzler, and J. J. Frawley... 6163

Craters as an Indicator of Martian Regolith Thickness
M. S. Gilmore ... 6228

Implications of MOLA Global Roughness, Statistics, and Topography
O. Aharonson, M. T. Zuber, and G. A. Neumann... 6143


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