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Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC)


  1. Obtain Global Synoptic Views of the Martian Atmosphere and Surface to Study Meteorological, Climatological and Related Surface Changes
  2. Monitor Surface and Atmosphere Features at Moderate Resolution for Changes on Time Scales of Hours, Days, Weeks, Months and Years
  3. Systematically Examine Local Areas at Extremely High Spatial Resolution in Order to Quantify Surface/Atmosphere Interactions and Geological Processes


A line scan camera incorporating both wide angle (140 degree) and narrow angle (0.4 degree) optics for producing global coverage (7.5 km/pixel), selective moderate resolution images (280 m/pixel) and very selective high resolution (1.4 m/pixel) images.


Global Atmosphere and Surface Phenomena at several Spatial Scales

Science Team

M. Malin, MSSS - Principal Investigator


G. Danielson - Caltech

A. Ingersoll - Caltech

L. Soderblom - USGS

J. Veverka - Cornell U