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Mars Relay (MR)


The Mars Relay Will Relay Data from Lander Packages Placed by Future Mars Missions Via a UHF Radio Link:

  1. To Obtain Images of Very Small Scale Surface Features (~ 5 cm) to Measure the Size Distribution of the Mars Surface and the Physical Processes which Yield this Distribution
  2. To Provide In Situ Measurements of the Martian Meteorology
  3. To Collect High-Resolution Measurements of Selected Geophysical Parameters
  4. To Provide "Ground Truth" Values to Aide Interpretation of Remote Sensing Instrument Data


A UHF Radio Relay and antenna, which will support future landed Instrumentation Including cameras, altimeters, meteorological packages, IR spectrometer, magnetometer, nephelometer, inductive sounder, gamma-ray spectrometer, pulse radar, accelerometer, tensometers and dosimeters.


Science Team

J. Blamont, CNES - Principal Interface